Barbara Starr Sets Narrative for FF Attack Against Israel

War propagandist Barbara Starr says pending attack “might not be immediately clear it comes from Iran”… but of course, we all know they’ll blame Iran and “fix the intelligence around the policy’ just like the Downing Street Memo talked about years ago.

Starr article on CNN

Syrian regime change operation conflict map

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3 Responses

  1. The Holocaust paradigm, which today sustains Jewish identity, is built around an unshakable sense of innocence and self-righteousness, an incapacity for self-examination characteristic of the most severe personality disorders. In their own eyes, the Jews have no responsibility for the hostility of the Gentiles toward them. They are constantly reminded of this innocence by their representative elite. To be sure, there are exceptions, such as Samuel Roth, or French journalist Bernard Lazare, in his Antisemitism, its History and Causes (1894).

    Today, some lucid Israelis are worried about their country’s plunge into collective pathology. Yehoshafat Harkabi, deputy director of military intelligence, wrote in 2009:

    “Dazzled by its self-righteousness, Israel cannot see the case of the other side. Self-righteousness encourages nations no less than individuals to absolve themselves of every failing and shake off the guilt of every mishap. When everyone is guilty except them, the very possibility of self-criticism and self-improvement vanishes…

    Psychological projection, or blame shifting, is a process by which one denies one’s own negative impulses while attributing them to others. We are all prone to do it in times of personal crisis. But only persons with a deep mental illness do it all the time. Such is the case of Israel, a country with hundreds of nuclear warheads pointed at Iran, whose leaders have always denied having any nuclear arsenal at all, while histrionically urging the world to do something about Iran’s supposed nuclear military program aimed at erasing Israel from the maps. It would be laughable if Israel were just paranoid. But Israel is the psychopath among nations, and that means a tremendous capacity to manipulate, intimidate, corrupt morally, get what they want, and leave a trail of misery behind.

  2. I was wondering if Barbara was related to Kenneth Starr (former prosecutor of Bill Clinton during Monica Lewinsky scandal) and I guess she is, also C.V. Starr from the O.S.S. and AIG:

    At any rate, many people think she may be one of the crisis actors that keeps turning up at hoax events:

  3. I didn’t know this MIC dinosaur was still around.

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