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  1. Thanks for your take-down of Corsi. Now, if you could only talk about the people who blindly follow Thomas Wictor on Twitter.

    I have a running argument w/one of them on GAB. He’s a Korean immigrant known online as “redwhiteandblue dude.” He believes that Wictor is the foremost expert on the Middle East, & that he’s right about evil Iran & how the Saudis are reforming. He also believes all the fear-mongering about the left in RoK, & how they will let the DPRK achieve their nuclear goals & take over the South, thus ruining the country & its economy. Yeah, it’s the “commie” thing all over again.

    Aside from that, we get along. We’re both fans of YouTuber Holly Seeliger. He respects me despite my strong opinions in opposition to his. He recently complained about me & my views on Hard Bastard’s live call-in show.

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