Happy World Press Freedom(ish) Day

Queen Bee Killary blames the left-leaning Left for not voting for her neoliberal ass

Queen Bee Killary has blamed 40 people, places and things for her loss to a guy who bragged about grabbing women by their private parts. Now she blames the people on the left who wanted to vote for someone actually on the left.

Well… yeah. Looks like she finally got it right. People on the left didn’t want to vote for her neoliberal, right of Reagan, warmongering, lying ass and she lost. Go figure. She finally got one right.

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Hillary Clinton says being a “capitalist” cost her election. Blames “Socialist Democrats” for loss

(Corporate Dem Hillary Clinton finally gets around to blaming the real left for her losing an election to a WWE Hall of Fame member with a comb-over)

by Alex Christoforou, from the Duran

Hillary Clinton has a new target to blame for her pathetic election loss to Donald Trump…Socialist Democrats.

At the Shared Value Leadership Summit, Hillary Clinton said that being a capitalist hurt her during the 2016 Democratic primaries, because so many Democrats are now identify themselves as socialists…

(For the record… how many people/institutions/things has Hillary Clinton blamed for her loss in Nov.  of 2016? Got any guesses? 5? 10? More?? Click on the expand button to find out. List by Daily Mail and you can click on the link to Alex’ article to read her quotes associated with each one. The answer is going to shock you)

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