Styxhexenhammer’s “strategic thinking” on Rebranding of MakerSupport Fraud

Styxhexenhammer has finally comment on the MakerSupport thing telling his fans to not make donations thru that service… 2 days after Stripe shut down donations themselves. Styx has gone all in with his continued support for Conner Douglass and MakerSupport and appears to be positioning himself to support this fraudster once he finds a new payment service from which he can run his scheme. I strongly suggest you don’t fall for this crap AGAIN.

Stys’x statement on MakerSupport page

MakerSupport announcing Stripe shut them down for violations 2 days ago

Styx really didn’t like the “Bible Belt” in 2012

Tomb of Trovius page that mentions the secret referral marketing scheme

Stxy’s Ode to Satan

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One Response

  1. I might have to change my name. Sticky Buns has ruined the name, Hammer, for me.

    BTW, I sometimes go by “Martel,” one of the French forms of the word, hammer. I love that he’s mistaken me for you, Scott, on the MakerSupport site. The idiot thinks everybody on that platform is a creator. Unlike MS, Patreon’s format only gives content creators pages.

    ED (his initials, I think) from The Outer Light is a New Zealander, not an Australian. After having briefly lived in Australia, to my ear, he has a classically “Kiwi” accent.

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