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  1. Netanyahu is crazy. The regular Israelis do not want war… they are trying to force him to retire or put in in jail. Why don’t they just cuff him and lock him up?
    Why do we follow a ‘nut’?

  2. I can’t sit and listen to this fuckin’ monster for half an hour, sorry mate.

  3. Scott, that video was removed. Nathan Stolpman of Lift the Veil uploaded it again though. I enjoy Nathan’s channel & his cat, Doshi, the show’s producer.

    Netanyahu is such a lying creep. What a disgusting dog & pony show of death.

  4. Yet the daily news run by the jews gives him airplay.

    Destroy the fake jews of the s.o.s., synagogue of satan & their collaborators in all other possible streams of satanism whose basic ritual is sexual abuse of abducted kids. killing them, eating their chopped off arms, drinking their blood.

    Taking a break to do a little baphomet for more effective bussiness.

    It is their daily meal. It is the black magic / voodoo – backbone in our civilised part of the globe which still puts a spell on the masses.

    It happens at the workfloor of the multinationals, by the security of the railways in the trainstations etc. u name it Of course not openly

    Yet an awakening to this happens.

    And it happens in a orgasmic festivity each year at the Bilderberg conferences. The real reason why the top of the free democratic free white western world is keeping the doors closed.

    Another line: Salman Rusdie of the Satanic Verses, late eighties. He is a crypto jew. Published by the jews in England.

    You never heard him uttering a sound f on the Talmud the collection of encyclopedia of satanic verses from books cover to cover put in practice by Netanyahu aka as Mlikovsky brain behind 911 supported by the ZioNato countries the ´free´ West.

    CIA O

  5. Can’t beat a lecture by a Jew like Bibi. It’s his special soul that makes him such a visionary.

    As the great Rabbi Schneerson explains:

    “Two contrary types of soul exist, a non-Jewish soul comes from three satanic spheres, while the Jewish soul stems from holiness.”

    ““…the general difference between Jews and non-Jews: A Jew was not created as a means for some [other] purpose; he himself is the purpose, since the substance of all [divine] emanations was created only to serve the Jews.”

    “Our” Congress naturally happily honored Schneerson by naming “Education and Sharing Day” in his honor.

    For more wisdom, consult Prof Shahak’s two books on the topic:

    Jewish History, Jewish Religion – http://archive.org/stream/JewishHistoryJewishReligion_665/JewishFundamentalismInIsrael_djvu.txt

    Jewish Fundamentalism in Israel – https://archive.org/details/JewishFundamentalismInIsrael

    • His ridiculous presentation has become an internet meme. The EU, all states of the EU BTW, have rejected his “evidence” Everyone knows by now it came directly from Iran’s own declarations in 2015 as they were complying with the JCPA (P5+1) deal. It’s ridiculous. But, as long as MSM doen’t look too hard at it, it’ll sell over here. Like “novichok” and “chemical attacks” in Douma.


  6. can only hope that Russia China Iran Syria pound it into the diseased brains of NuttyJoo -rump etc that The Line In The Sand means Nu-

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