A Closer Look at StyckyHummer6-pak

No, it’s not a flame war. I’m just curious why this guy who used to hate the Bible belt and loved illegal immigration (and Satan) now claims to be a thought leader of the alt-right. Plus, I wonder why he never spoke out about MakerSupport which apparently was designed to hamper content creators of the alt-right. Lot’s a questions for old StyckyHummer6-pak

StyckyHummer6-pak wiki page https://rationalwiki.org/wiki/Styxhexenhammer666#cite_note-4

StyckyHummer6-pak website 2012 https://styxhexenhammer666.blogspot.co.uk/2012/

StyckyHummer6-pak praises Satan through “music” http://www.dailymotion.com/video/x16xc43

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16 Responses

  1. doesn’t 6-pack know that Catholics believe in Jesus … just as Christians do? So the so called bible belt is spreading due to ‘immigrants’ ? 6=pack is just ignorant. He also looks like a girl pretending to be a man.
    fun article, Scott…. I like hearing you laugh. 🙂

    • Someone told me that Sticky’s girlfriend is Mexican or Latina, so I think he has a blind spot there. As a fellow Virginian, Sticky’s opinions offend me, too. As far as his looking like a girl, he might be trans-gendered. I always thought his front teeth gave him a bunny-rabbit look.

  2. Ole Sticky sounds like an infiltrating Zionist.

  3. Sticky’s description of his YouTube channel is simply, “I am God.” How dare we question him then?!

  4. Sticky’s description of his YouTube channel is simply, “I am God.” How dare we question “God” then?! https://www.youtube.com/user/Styxhexenhammer666/about

  5. styxie is a pretty typical satanist — a pasty faced, pseudo intellectual geek who probably spent too much time playing “dungeons & dragons”.

    • He’s said he is no longer a Satanist. He is still obviously an occultist of some sort, but his occultism seems fairly free-wheeling and doesn’t fall within any particular clear-cut tradition, unless he is misrepresenting his beliefs and practices. I know that in the “conspiracy theory community” (not that any such thing really exists in any strong sense), occultism is highly suspect, but I don’t necessarily assume every occultist is evil.

      He also doesn’t identify as alt-right, and seems to be close to being a libertarian (so it’s not surprising he might have gone for open borders at one point).

      Have not watched the video and I am not sure there will ever be a moment in which I don’t have better things to do.

      • And incidentally, you sure do like to snap at other crabs in the alt-media barrel, Scott.

      • He’s put out more than one fucking video about the evolution of his beliefs, if people can be bothered to look. Maybe I shouldn’t talk about being bothered to look at things though.

        I don’t think he’s ultimately all that interesting.

        Seems like a third-rate Archdruid, in a way: https://www.ecosophia.net/

        • I evolved from watching a lot of videos at one point, especially around the election, to deciding I didn’t find him that interesting. That’s all. I think he was on a bit of a roll for a while in terms of understanding where political winds were blowing in the United States, but lately I haven’t been that impressed.

      • he says he is no longer a Satanist, but since he said that, he’s made videos about how and why you should raise your kids in the Satanist way. He talks very respectfully about Satanism and, according to him, the only reason he left Satanism is because the church got too corporate. So yeah, he CLAIMS he’s an “occultist” now, but he sure sounds like a closeted Satanist to me.

      • thanks for the response.

        styxie uses “666” in his moniker, which suggests to me that he is still something of a satanist. while i support the rights of my fellow citizens to follow whatever religion they like, i have to admit that i view satanists as being idiots. while “do what thou wilt” may have some amount of sway in the “real world”, i think most of us know better; if “styx” really believes in such things, then why does he bother to comment on anything, really? does he really have any business commenting on various issues if that is his belief?

  6. I mean, maybe I’m secretly a Russian trannybot and don’t know it. Who knows?

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