Stop Giving Trump Credit for what the Koreans Accomplished

(Image from Sal – thanks)

You think his lies about that carrier group “steaming’ to North Korea frightened Un into surrender? How about all those failed Aegis Ashore tests? Truth is, we have seen this coming for YEARS and it has NOTHING to do with either Trump or Obama or Killary Clinton. It has EVERYTHING to do with their leadership and the peoples of Korea. All of them.

full declaration from yesterday’s summit

my coverage of the Sunshine policy

my coverage of North Korea

my coverage of the Cheonan

Fox News says give Trump a Peace Prize like Obama’s

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  1. Thank you, Scott.

    Good God, I was feeling like I had entered into an alternate universe with all this bullshit about “Trump deserves a Nobel”. At the very moment Moon and Kim were meeting, Trump was trying to sabotage the whole thing via Twitter! (Not to mention all the threats and taunts he has been issuing since taking office.) This will happen despite Trump and the US, not because of him or any politicians here.

    All the credit goes to Moon Jae-In and his staff. Moon has been working on this not only since he came into office, but his entire adult life.

    See this:

    Some interesting things went on in South Korea last year, which the US completely ignored, being busy with threatening so many countries and porn stars and shit.

    See this, for instance:

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