Jimmy Dore AAAALLLMOST Figures out Bernie is a Sheepdogging DNC Shill… and then he doesn’t

by Scott Creighton

Hey. Wanna watch one wannabe sheepdog pretending to call out the aging sheepdog of the unDemocratic Party? That sounds fun, right?

Classic Jimmy “I want a shot on MSM latenight TV” Dore. Still trying to play that middle ground that builds his “brand” with the real left WITHOUT burning any bridges with the neoliberal corporate “left”

In this video he seems “shocked” that the DCCC is picking favorites for the 2018 mid-term elections and all those picks of theirs just happen to be neoliberal corporate “Dems”

He also seems puzzled by how Bernie is still shillin’ for the fake left rather than A. starting his own party and B. endorsing more progressive candidates to run in the primaries against the bought-off Ayn Randian “Democrats”

Apparently this mild little episode of criticism of BernieGod seems designed to put pressure on him to come on his show so he can build his ridiculous “brand” a little more.

Uh… newsflash… Bernie sold us out a LOOOOOOONG time ago and now enjoys vacationing in his cabin on the lake while his children and grandchildren are assured of a proper place at the Big Table with the “adults in the room” and he has NOOOOOOO intention of EEEEEEEVER doing AAAAAAAANYTHING to upset that particular little apple cart.

Bernie has been a sellout since he backed the Clinton “regime” change op in Yugoslavia, dipshit…. so uh.. try to keep up would you Jimmy?

But of course, it doesn’t serve Jimmy’s future financial interests to be aware of these things now does it? And since makes mention of Rachel Maddow’s $33,000 per episode paycheck in nearly every one of his damn videos… I guess we can safely say he’s got his own “eye on the prize”

Anyway… here’s the video. Newsflash from Jimmy is… the DNC and DCCC are crooked and rigging the current primaries… just like they did in 2016… and just like they did with Alvine Greene in South Carolina in 2010 (they rigged that one so a Republican would win. 😉  )

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