Western Press Descend into Insanity as Syria Narrative Collapses

(it’s worse than “we almost went to war based on a lie”. We’ve done that before. Many times. This is different. This is WORSE. They played a video MADE BY TERRORISTS of those terrorists TERRORIZING CHILDREN, making them think they were going to DIE, and they told us it was a video of “rebels” trying to SAVE CHILDREN… and we had to go to WAR on the SIDE OF THOSE TERRORISTS.)

from Off Guardian

Syria has disappeared from the front pages of the Western press recently, and for good reason. It’s not going well over there, as far as the “allies” are concerned. Yesterday the Organisation for the Prohibition of Chemical Weapons (OPCW) confirmed what many of us had already deduced – there were no chemical weapons present at the sites targeted by the US/UK/French missiles.

That’s not been reported in the Western press, at all. Exemplified by the eternally on-message Guardian, who haven’t had a headline regarding Syria in over a week. The Royal Baby and ABBA’s new song and a stuffed anteater, all apparently too important to be bumped from the front page.

Also yesterday, the Russian and Syrian authorities transported 17 witnesses of the alleged Douma “chemical attack” to the Netherlands. The witnesses, including the little boy who featured strongly in the White Helmets propaganda video, spoke at a press conference before taking questions (video is embedded above). All denied a chemical attack had taken place.

This, along with Robert Fisk et al’s reporting on the ground, pretty much puts the final nail in the coffin as far as the official narrative on Douma is concerned.

We nearly went to war – and nearly instigated WWIII – on the back of a complete lie…

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