Historic Meet With Kim Jong Un and Moon Jae-in as they Hold Hands Crossing Demarcation Line

This is truly an historic and wonderful moment for the people of Korea who still dream of a unified nation. It is also a moment for all advocates of peace to enjoy as well.

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3 Responses

  1. Just a matter of time before Rome on the Potomac fucks it all up again. In times of war, who needs peace. Corporate D.C. cannot survive without continuous war.

    Dis-unite The States!

  2. It’s disgusting how many are still giving Trump credit for this. I see this breakthrough as a sign that U.S. influence in the area is weakening. There are still people scare-mongering, & saying that Kim & the DPRK are trying to lure the RoK & the West into a trap. So much disinfo out there.

    • Just last week Di$info Jone$ was pushing some BS story about the DPRK waging a new online hacking campaign. It’s fucking ridiculous. Even his followers were making fun of the BS propaganda, but he was pushing it just the same on Twitter right afterward. Him and his little toady, PJW.

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