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  1. As I look at the different maps of Greater Kurdistan, the territory goes far beyond where Kurds traditionally lived & reaches the sea. They generally lived in hilly or mountainous areas. That’s why the Turkish gov’t has long called them “mountain Turks,” denying their separate ethnicity. This isn’t about protecting ordinary Kurds. It’s about empire-building. The PKK really are terrorists. They’ve even assassinated former members in Europe.
    I never did like Chomsky. He always struck me as a pompous, arrogant academic who thinks he’s an expert in everything just because he has a PhD. It’s in linguistics. How does that make him an expert in geopolitics? Remember how he refused to speak out about the JFK assassination after being presented w/all the evidence contradicting the official story?

  2. I wouldn’t be too hard on Chomsky if I were you. Chomsky is old school critique of the system he navigated against during the height of his critiques, which everyone else has borrowed since. And mostly without crediting him in the first place. But Chomsky is also nearing the end of his life, his intellectual rigor is past its height, and his blind spots excusable in the sense that no intellectual will want to have its entirety trashed due to 9/11 or whatever else may come come along, as long as the overall narrative is overall correct. Chomsky has never researched 9/11 in depth, and would be afraid to do so, given is stature as a consistent critic of US foreign policy over the last 50 years – not 15 year…no, much longer than that. So, yes, your critique of him is very much warranted, including the Rojava thing. I don’t think that Chomsky, and he’s almost 90 now, had any idea of how propaganda works on the internet, and that the Rojava are actually being armed by the US military. He is not irrevellant, but way past his prime.

  3. Chomsky is not a gate keeper, but simply stuck in an earlier stage of anti-capitalists, which we need to move beyond. He himself senses this, but is still stuck in his earlier research, which at this point no longer threatens the status quo. Within the academic community, this happens a lot, so it’s not all that surprising. Certain subjects cannot be discussed, because one risks the entirety of one’s research so far. Many others have picked up where Chomsky left things unsaid…which is a good thing. We don’t need denounce other lefties as gatekeepers, but we do need to be aware of stagnation, lest we devour ourselves endlessly. The Rojava are simply being used for newly and improved imperial aims, and they will be used to this end…minor chess pieces in the grand game of power relations.
    Chomsky is too old now to recognize the improved version of propaganda, which goes way beyond his comprehension, far more sophisticated than anything he actually dealt with in his long career.

  4. The videos from Ghouta, even initially, were never convincing. Yes, there were dead people in these hallways, but the foam was placed into subsequent photos and videos. This said, Assad is no angle, but he wasn’t compliant enough for the neo-liberal and neo-con regime changers. He largely complied with US requests to operate black sites for US torture. But since its all about pipelines and geo-political posturing, this was not enough visa vie Russia and China.
    Syria is being carved up, just as planned. Chomsky doesn’t understand that Rojava is a western construct, a tiny minority of people who support gay rights and feminist gun slingers with RPG’s in the middle of fucking Syria. You should have read the praise for these pawns in Rolling Stone Magazine. No understanding of middle eastern culture whatsoever. Not even the older imperial powers there were this stupid. Just goes to show, how, over time, anyone can become co-opted.

  5. Being old does not excuse him, he is smart enough to simply say he does not know enough to have a comment. He plays both sides….. tries to balance on a tight rope….

  6. Chomsky is a zionist agent. And the kurds are Israel project, they want to erect a second Israel in the region. No one should trust this agent and everyone has duty to expose this zionist and his criminal tribe

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