On a Foundation of Lies, Trump and Macron Layout Plans for Neocons’ “New Middle East” (Greater Kurdistan project)

by Scott Creighton

Neoliberal globalization.

It was the primary reason Hillary Clinton had to steal the nomination from Bernie Sanders’ supporters as well as the obvious reason Jeb Bush didn’t last very long in his bid to follow in his family’s footsteps to the oval office.

Neoliberal globalization and the general public’s aversion to it is why Donald Trump is in the White House today. No other reason comes close. It wasn’t the shoes and it damn sure wasn’t the Red Menace.

The people in this country, the people in France, the people in the U.K., they, we, are all sick of neoliberal globalization and all the ills that come with it. The privatizations (public-private partnerships), the bloated oligarchs, the fascist marriage of the state to favored mega-corporations, the austerity for the masses and the opulence for the entitled. Call it what you will, the general population generally calls it evil where-ever it is imposed on them and back in November of 2016, the will of the people choose the lesser of two evils as they chose against the Queen Bee and opted for the Trumpster. Once again, they were promised something different… promised “CHANGE” from the pattern of decline neoliberal globalization has been inflicting on them since the Reagan counter-Revolution of 1980.

They voted against the neocon establishment of our centrist, One Party system. They voted against the Bushs and the Clintons and the Obamas of our political universe… they voted against their administrations’ adherence to the masters of the universe’s demand to continue on pace with their ideology of brutal, despotic neoliberal globalization.

As the left learned in 2009 and as the right learned in 2001, the alt-right learned in 2017: you don’t always get what you are promised or what you vote for.

At the heart of neoliberal globalization is a plan to remake the Middle East. Condi Rice called violence in that region back in 2006 the “birth pangs of a new Middle East”. Col Peters provided her with a map and the neocons at the Project for a New American Century gave her a plan to bust up major nations that threatened our full spectrum dominance in the region on behalf of a handful of friendly dictatorships who would profit from such an epic adventure right along with the major corporations whom they represented (Carlye Group, Haliburton, Goldman Sachs, etc)

And at the heart of that is something called Greater Kurdistan.

The Syrian destabilization campaign was never about a “right to protect”

It was never about a “civil war” or “defeating ISIS”

None of those things are true and history has born-out those justifications as paper-thin tapestries of propaganda. Lies. Lies just like “incubator babies” or “WMDs in Iraq” or the “Gulf of Tonkin” incident.

Lies just like those told over the past few weeks by President Trump on the occasion of his decision to go deeper into the Greater Kurdistan project at a time when common sense would lead anyone to believe it is already over:

“… One year ago, Assad launched a savage chemical weapons attack against his own innocent people. The United States responded with 58 missile strikes that destroyed 20 percent of the Syrian Air Force.

Last Saturday, the Assad regime again deployed chemical weapons to slaughter innocent civilians — this time, in the town of Douma, near the Syrian capital of Damascus. This massacre was a significant escalation in a pattern of chemical weapons use by that very terrible regime…

The purpose of our actions tonight is to establish a strong deterrent against the production, spread and use of chemical weapons. Establishing this deterrent is a vital national security interest of the United States. The combined American, British, and French response to these atrocities will integrate all instruments of our national power — military, economic and diplomatic. We are prepared to sustain this response until the Syrian regime stops its use of prohibited chemical agents.Donald Trump, April 13 – Washington Post

You don’t have to be a “Russian bot” to know these are lies being perpetrated on the American people by the president in order to justify his decision to continue the Greater Kurdistan project in Syria, Iraq, Turkey and Iran. You just have to read the works of people like Gareth Porter, Scott Ritter, Hans Blix, Eva Bartlett and Vanessa Beeley (just to name a few)

You also have to remember ALL the prevailing “evidence” the West uses to justify the continuation of these lies comes directly from U.S. and U.K.-funded “White Helmets” campaign, which is a “hearts and minds” construct of irregular warfare being used and directly targeted TOWARD the people of the United States (which used to be illegal before the NDAA 2012)

As we learned in Iraq after the complicit MSM repeatedly lied and spread “fake news” about WMDs and connections to al Qaeda, telling the Big Lie enough times… does NOT make it true. It merely provides a temporary smoke screen and a future justification for illegal and immoral behavior (“but all the intelligence SAID he had them. oops”)

This is what our current president of “CHANGE” is doing now and he is being aided and abetted, just like Bush before him, by the complicit media and all sorts of other forces trying their level best to silence those (mentioned above and others) who dare speak out against the Emporor’s New Clothes.

“Two weeks ago, following Syrian dictator Bashar al-Assad’s barbaric use of chemical weapons against his own people, the United States, France and the United Kingdom joined together to strike at the heart of the Syrian chemical weapons program. These actions were designed to establish a strong deterrent against the use of these heinous weapons…

As far as Syria’s concerned, I would love to get out, I’d love to bring out incredible warriors back home. They’ve done a great job. We’ve essentially just absolutely obliterated ISIS in Iraq and in Syria. And we’ve done a big favor to neighboring countries, frankly…

With that being said, Emmanuel and myself have discussed the fact that we don’t want to give Iran open season to the Mediterranean, especially since we really control it to a large extent.

We really have controlled it and we’ve set control on it...

So we want to come home. We’ll be coming home. But we want to have a very, very strong — we want to leave a strong and lasting footprint, and that was a very big part of our discussion, OK?Donald Trump, April 24 – press conference with president of France

As Moon of Alabama recently pointed out, Trump and his glorious generals have not defeated ISIS. They exist side-by-side east of the Euphrates river, right along with the Kurds, our new “freedom fighters” a.l.a. the “Contras” and the “Mujaheddin” in Afghanistan. The Russians and Syrians have driven out “ISIS” as well as the al Qaeda groups we call “moderate rebels” we have been backing since this regime change operation began back in 2001.

There were no chemical weapons used against the people of Douma by the government of Syria prior to the F.U.K.U.S. Coalition’s attack on the Syrian people. It was a rouse crafted by the White Helmets and promoted instantly by various complicit news organizations as each and every one of them broadcast the scenes but couched their coverage with the legal disclaimer “we have been unable to verify the authenticity of these videos”

The sites that were hit have been inspected and they contained NO CHEMICAL WEAPONS OR AGENTS OF CHEMICAL WEAPONS. This is a fact. Trump is LYING.

But he does express a bit of honesty in his recent address alongside the president of France when he says “WE” want to leave a “lasting footprint” and that it is a “large part” of their conversations these days.

That “lasting footprint” is what Macron himself recently alluded to when he talked about “remaking” Syria. Both of them gave slightly nuanced references to them going all in on the Greater Kurdistan project the other day.

MACRON: But for sure what we want to do now is to finish this war with our troops and we want to fix in the long run the situation to have peace in this region. That’s our duty and it’s not just with our troops, it’s with our diplomats, our teams, our common work. And obviously with all the allies in the region and people involved.

TRUMP: We’ve pretty much finished with ISIS, and we’re going to be making some big decisions in a very short period of time. But we’re working very closely together with France, and with the president, OK? Thank you very much. Donald Trump, April 24 – press conference with president of France

Yes, they are going to “fix the situation” by making some “big decisions” in the coming days. But in order to do that, President Trump made it clear, he want’s to get paid for his thuggery.

“But if I might add, they — states and as I alluded to, that in countries that are in the area, some of which are immensely wealthy, would not be there except for the United States and to a lesser extent France. But they wouldn’t be there except for the United States, they wouldn’t last a week.

We are protecting them. They have to now step up and pay for what’s happening. Because I don’t think France or the United States should be liable for the tremendous cost. The United States is embarrassingly into the Middle East as of a few months ago, as you’ve heard me say before.

And I don’t take responsibility, but I would be very embarrassed if I had to. $7 trillion, and when we want to build Mr. President our infrastructure, everybody says that we want to be careful with our money. When we want to fix a highway or we want to build schools and lots of other things, tunnels, bridges, they say oh, let’s be careful with our money.

And yet we’ve spent $7 trillion in the Middle East and we’ve got nothing for it. Nothing, less than nothing, as far as I’m concerned. That’s over an 18 year period. The countries that are there, that you all know very well, are immensely wealthy.

They’re going to have to pay for this and I think the President and I agree very much on that. And they will pay for it. They will pay for it. We’ve spoken to them, they will pay for it. The United States will not continue to pay.

And they will also put soldiers on the ground, which they’re not doing. And we will in fact bring lots of people home. We will have a strong blockage to the Mediterranean, which to me is very important. Because if we don’t, you have Iran going right to the Mediterranean, not going to have that.” Donald Trump, April 24 – press conference with president of France

A strong “blockage” to the Mediterranean? What could he possibly have meant by that?

Ah. I see.

It is unknown whether or not Trump expects Israel to pay and put boots on the ground in their quest for the Greater Israel project… smart money is against it though.

Instead, he intends to make Saudi Arabia do what John Kerry said they offered to do years ago and that is… pay to remake the region so they can financially benefit from our sacrifice of blood and treasure.

Some had “HOPE” that Trump would be different just as others had that same hope 8 long years ago. But we grow up and hope dies a little in each of us every day… doesn’t it?

If the masters of the universe’s grand plan for neoliberal globalization is too succeed in the modern world, the New American Century world, the Greater Kurdistan project must not be allowed to fail. BRICS nations are expanding their reach, Russia and China are winning the hearts of minds of global leaders we once considered allies to the core and the mood of the people in neoliberalized nations has become… unstable… if Nov. 2016 is any indication.

North and South Korea are genuinely discussing a new Sunshine policy which is welcomed by the populations of both nations with great anticipation.

And for any leader in any Westernized nation to win an election, they must first and foremost profess their opposition to the very economic and social ideology of the masters of the universe and all their paid-off puppets in the complicit, “fake news” media.

The war of ideas has been fought and won. We won. They lost. Now they must lie, cheat, steal, intimidate, silence and kill their way into the fascist new world order they and their fathers before them have coveted for decades.

Make no mistake. Trump is all-in on this agenda today like Obama was before him and Bush before Obama. And whether they began their assent with this treachery in mind or they found it along the way is of little consequence.

If you think of the violence in the Middle East in the early to mid 2000s as the “birth pangs of the new Middle East” what we are about to see will be a bloody alleyway c-section by comparison. The infant is breech and it’s birth may prove fatal to the entire region.

Neoliberal globalization.

It’s in it’s death-throes. And like any other wounded animal, it’s advocates, it’s high-priests are now at their most dangerous.

We can expect even more shock and awe from it’s desperate and morally challenged agents of “CHANGE”

4 Responses

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  2. fairly accurate analysis…


    the mug shots say so much,
    about the nature and character of {{{their}}}…


    so-called Narrative.

  3. “Neoliberal globalization and the general public’s aversion to it is why Donald Trump is in the White House today.”

    I’m not so sure about that. Trump was planted by the military/intel and his buddies he owes favors. He’s now returning those favors and he is executing exactly what the CFR wants.

  4. Sounds like a bloody war is going to erupt…… one that we will lose.
    Americans will be forced to die for these neo-liberal creeps.

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