I Now Have Representation in Gilmore Lawsuit

I have reached an agreement with legal representation and I am confident in his approach and efforts thus far with two other defendants in this matter, so I am much happier. Just wanted to let you guys know

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  1. Fantastic!! I am very happy for you!

  2. Great news Scott.

  3. Awesome Scott…sounds great.

  4. John Whitehead’s Rutherford Institute might’ve turned you down for criticizing Sibel Edmonds & Newsbud. Despite reports to the contrary, he still works for Newsbud. A video of his was just posted to Newsbud’s YouTube channel on April 4th. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_Sot6afSKps

  5. Fyi, if you want to follow the news of this lawsuit, or as John Hoge calls it, the “LOLsuit” (because he is laughing at Gilmore and company), I would suggest you read Mr. Hoge’s blog now and then. For instance, here he has the latest filings: https://hogewash.com/2018/04/25/gilmore-v-jones-lolsuit-news/ and on the blog in general.

    I represent some of the defendants in that case. You can see the motion to dismiss I filed on that same site, here: https://hogewash.com/2018/04/17/more-gilmore-v-jones-et-al-news/

    That is now mooted by the Plaintiff filing an amended complaint, but frankly the new complaint doesn’t do much better. I predict a 90% chance it will be dismissed. I am working on the new motion to dismiss as we speak.

    You can read the amended complaint, here: https://hogewash.com/2018/04/24/popehat-lawsplains-defamation-for-gilmore/

    I will add that I am a blogger, too, and I have been through my own abusive litigation. A convicted serial bomber has sued me repeatedly to try to shut me up, and did other things to harass me. He was primarily upset that I called him a pedophile, and he lost his defamation case on that topic on the issue of truth. Which is pretty funny when you think about it. So I sympathize greatly with these low level bloggers who are dealing with these bogus suits.

  6. Congratulations. Very happy for you.

  7. Great news and looking forward to more good news to come.

  8. I’m inclined to believe you don’t deserve to be sued, per se, but it’s past time for you to take responsibility for spreading alt-right conspiracy woo, with little or no vetting, and passing it off as fact.

    The “freeze speech” excuse for this type of carelessness is old. And more importantly a tool of the radical/alt right.

    Either learn how to journalist or get out of the “kitchen”.

    This angel lawyer isn’t a conspiracy loon , is he? It sounds very strange that a poor person can retain a lawyer to defend them against the consequences of spreading conspiracy bs. Research this guy–because right now you need good advice:


    ” Defendants’ lies about Mr. Gilmore quickly mobilized their army of followers to launch a campaign of harassment and threats against Mr.
    Gilmore that continue to this day. ”

    Is this who you are? It’s really simple: anyone who helped this Internet mob harass this guy, needs to take responsibility. It’s not unprecedented for conspiracy “enthusiasts” to get involved in cyberstalking because of bad judgement or whatever “issues” they have …I think you know how that generally ends.

    • Nobody mobilized any “army’ to harass Gilmore. Gilmore published evidence of a vehicular assault on Twitter 25 minutes after the event claiming he did it because he didn’t want the press saying “they didn’t know why it happened” and that he KNEW it was “terrorism” … even before the cops could question the driver. It was Gilmore who then went in front of every camera he could saying the same thing. Did he have access to internal police records that had not been released yet? No. It was his OPINION. And it was INFLAMMATORY to the situation. So it was GILMORE who made HIMSELF the center of the story… not some random “witness” which he now claims he was. He is the one who was inciting violence. I never did and I don’t appreciate you implying that I did.

      Let me ask you a question there “skeptoid” (how come folks who like to support the establishment line these days always try to pass themselves off as “skeptics” I wonder): if stopping the publishing of something that one might suspect may cause unhinged people to harass other people is your cause now and you are fully behind that idea…

      … when are you going to call for the end of any publications of the Torah, the Quran and the Bible? Because God knows nothing EVER set loose the unhinged like those books did.

      Or how about the New York Times? Their publishing of outright LIES about WMDs caused a MILLION DEAD in Iraq and about 6,000 and counting U.S. soldiers with countless others made homeless or left crippled and maimed?

      When do you “skeptics” start calling for those publications to… how did you put it?… oh yeah… “take responsibility”? When do you folks do that? Cause I don’t see it on your website. Please link me to those calls of yours.

      “Carelessness”? You wanna talk “carelessness”? We got folks in the MSM getting paid MILLIONS of BUCKS a year using al Qaeda’s PR department’s home videos as “proof” of our need to bomb some more people to DEATH. Is that the kind of “carelessness” you are talking about?

      Tell you what, genius… you go to fucking article and you check what I wrote against my references, State Department references by the way… and you come back here and tell me how “careless” I was.

      Or are you just full of shit?

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