Former U.K. Ambassador to Syria, Peter Ford, on Tucker Carlson – “Douma attack a hoax”

by Scott Creighton (H/T Walid)

So former British ambassador to Syria, Peter Ford did end up on Tucker Carlson talking about the hoax chemical weapons attack in Douma. I guess Tucker Carlson is now considered a “fake news conspiracy theorist” as well. And if things go well with Georgetown’s lawsuit against me and Alex Jones, a few of those al Qaeda “victims” in that video would be able to sue him and Fox News for millions. Great world they are trying to make for us, ain’t it?

(I am still having computer issues. May be cleared up later today. Can only access “interwebs” sporadically. But I am here still working on this stuff. BTW, Conner Douglass has still not freed up MakerSupport accounts for many if not all account holders. Still blames Stripe which they deny. Banks are now investigating through their fraud departments. No word back as of yet on my ICCC complaint. Will keep you all up to date as this develops)

4 Responses

  1. Be Cause the Fascist records Everyman,
    i do declare Will do every thing I’m capable
    TO DESTROY THE nazi us

  2. The Killers M U S T be…killed. 70 years of Bombing!
    They ARE going to use nuclear!
    D.C. etc. Must die. Where’s The SuitCase?
    But de Devil will Destroy the earth before we can extirpate the
    Evil Threat of Kapital Koch Hegemony.
    Kill Koch &co. i guess. Rant over & out

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