I’ll Be Away from the Website for a Day or So

by Scott Creighton

Hi everyone. I’m having computer issues and wont be posting much today or tomorrow. Currently I am checking Twitter, email and MakerSupport status on Jan10’s system. I am hoping to be back up and running very soon.

Thanks for all the kind words about Grumpy. He’s buried in his favorite spot under a tree in the side yard next to Newt. You guys helped us through it and I thank you all for that.

The only MakerSupport status change is now Stripe is also ignoring my attempts at communication. I guess they didn’t like it when I pointed out that all this time they could and should have noticed Conner Douglass’ criminal behavior, they were collecting 5% of every donation so that might tend to lead some to suspect it was a sort of incentive for them to look the other way. hmmm?


Screw em.

I will be back as soon as possible. I found those comments WP ate. I will check on the site today a couple times just to make sure it hasn’t happened again.

See you guys in a bit.

p.s. Thank you Nancy and Citizen 37. I received you letters yesterday. Thank you very much. I will email you in a day or so.

2 Responses

  1. Scott, I meant to say so earlier, but I am truly sorry about Grumpy. It leaves a huge hole in your heart to lose a pet 😦

    When you return, I have a bunch of questions. Like:
    What happens if Pompeo is turned down?
    If Trump is impeached, we are left with Pence. Is he even more of a warmonger?
    I am steadily coming to terms with whatever happens, but I still can’t stop thinking about potential WW3…

  2. My credit union is refunding my donation while they are investigating MakerSupport & Stripe’s fraud. It’s like a dreaded “charge-back,” so it’s not good news for either of them. Screw Conner! He can burn in Hill-bot hell!

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