Douma Debate: Don’t Buy into R2P BS – F.U.K.U.S. Attack Illegal EITHER WAY

Unless you buy into Hillary Clinton’s “Right to Protect” bullshit, IT DOESN’T MATTER if Assad bombed babies with Sarin and ANYTHING because it’s still ILLEGAL to attack Damascus without UN and congressional approval. Yes, it was STAGED but entertaining the argument AS IF it would be justified if Syria did to it is COUNTERPRODUCTIVE to our efforts and the RULE OF INTERNATIONAL LAW.

now i got to go dig a hole

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  1. Poor Grumpy…. he must have been loved by some one but maybe that person died and Grumpy was pushed out the door. He must have been a stray for a long time… long enough to be afraid of people… he was not aggressive…… he had been neutered. He was lucky to find Scott. Scott put dry food down for him… and Grumpy would softly hiss… and then he would give out a soft ‘mew’…. then he would eat. Finally Scott was allowed to touch grumpy’s back …. and then to actually pet him. You could tell that Grumpy had been accustomed to a lot of petting … he enjoyed it again from Scott. He still hissed a little but mostly he would talk to us… little soft mews…..
    that took about two and 1/2 months…. then he got sick….. Scott was planning on getting flea control for him and then bring him into the house.. but now Scott couldn’t …. he had to consider the health of his inside cats.
    And we did not have money to take Grumpy to a vet. So Scott did his best to help Grumpy… Canned soft food and sitting outside with Grumpy for three of four times a day… to keep Grumpy feeling comforted as much as possible…. We thought he was getting better… he started eating dry food again… and then , he wasn’t.
    and he went downhill fast. It has been a sad morning… It has really upset Scott. But in a way…. Grumpy was lucky …. he was loved and fed and comforted during his last three months… and he was not alone. Scott was there for him.
    Other outside cats in this area got sick also… something was going around…. several of them (across the street cats) are still sick.. The people that care for them are doing their best also.
    Little Grumpy is in cat heaven. He was a good little kitty.

    • Scott’s a good guy, big or little I don’t know. Never seen him. Been reading his stuff for years, though. I can tell a lot about him from that.

      You, too, Jan.

      Glad I got to know you two, even from this distance.

      • Thanks, Roy….
        Scott is 6ft 4 inches and weighs about 255.
        I am old and skinny, HE He
        We feel like you are our neighbor, Roy…. even at this distance. You and Pat…

  2. Just watched the RT live debate in UK legal chamber and the smug smirking schoolboy behavior sure doth remind of a bad Monty Python episode. Longing for the day the vile batch of selfish inbreds are swinging from ropes.

  3. Beneath he vast shielding around Chernobyl Reactor a perfect place to safely store the Five Eyed deviant Masonic mutant Hound Beings. Could let Trudeau and Marcon, May and Trump out occaisionally to forage for food, although highly risky, feeding wildlife being a Crime n all.

  4. Scott, I profusely apologize for being so MIA around here. I have been checking out your blog regularly, but I have been rather distracted and in any case I have really run out of things to say. There is pretty much nothing I can add that others have not already said. Regardless, excellent work as always! Summed it up beautifully!
    Two things I wanted to share/ask:
    First, it seems that Pompeo is running into PR difficulties and may not be confirmed. In that case, will it matter that much? Or do they have another potential candidate lined up who will serve the masters of the universe just as well?
    Second, I thought you would be interested to know that I am officially adopting George Carlin’s attitude. After a discussion with two spiritually-inlcined and very awake friends, in which they made clear they are at peace with whatever comes, and one of them making a hilarious joke about me not having to worry about my future in the event of all-out war… I am happy to say I am done with angst. I did what I could to live a good life and inform people (not nearly as successfully as you have, but still). Effective as of this week, I am just getting popcorn and enjoying the freak show…

  5. Ah man. My comment get eaten again?

  6. Scott, excellent work as always! I am truly sorry for being so MIA. I have been immensely distracted, and I am really out of things to say that not already been said by people much greater than I could ever hope to be.
    Two things I would like to ask/share:
    1. It seems Pompeo is running into some PR trouble? Even if he is not confirmed, will it make much difference? Or do they have someone just like him with better PR lined up?
    2. I had an interesting discussion with two VERY awake and spiritually-inclined friends. They made clear they were completely at peace with whatever happens, while I have been having constant panic attacks. They concluded with an all-too-appropriate and hilarious joke that I won’t have to worry about my future if WW3 breaks out. I am glad to say I have more or less snapped out of my angst and I am now adopting George Carlin’s attitude: sit back, get popcorn, and enjoy the freak show! I am not a man of your caliber by any means, but I still know for a fact that I have done my best to live a good life (in every sense) and inform others.

  7. Hey Scott, I spoke to Michael Herzog the host of “The American Awakening” on RBN and told him he needs to have you on as a guest. Let me know if you would be interested and i’ll hook you up. Cheers mate, John.

    On Mon, Apr 16, 2018 at 9:26 AM, American Everyman wrote:

    > willyloman posted: “Unless you buy into Hillary Clinton’s “Right to > Protect” bullshit, IT DOESN’T MATTER if Assad bombed babies with Sarin and > ANYTHING because it’s still ILLEGAL to attack Damascus without UN and > congressional approval. Yes, it was STAGED but entertaining th” >

  8. Sorry about Grumpy, Scott, I know what it’s like to have a pet die in your arms.

  9. Sorry to hear about Grumpy. I’m glad he had a friend like you.

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