Remember When OUR Government Gassed and then BURNED 20 Children to Death in Waco?

by Scott Creighton

As a quick follow-up to a video I made this morning, I offer these documentaries on the Siege at Waco during the early days of the left-cover Clinton “regime”

These are damn good videos on the subject of Waco but they are difficult at times and certainly not something you want to watch if you are planning on a nice relaxing Sunday.

In these videos you will see testimony of FBI and ATF agents admitting they knew where most of the women and children were likely hiding in a concrete reinforced room near the cafeteria and that they ordered the rigged tank to poke a hole in the wall of that protective bunker and pump unGodly amounts of CS gas (flammable CS gas) into that confined space. It was torture. Unbelievable suffering for those 20 children who died in there as a result of that action.

Another 6 children died in other locations in the buildings. One was stabbed, 5 others died of gunshot wounds. The videos will show government forces firing into the burning building to prevent the people from escaping.

Someone else who was in charge that day at the location admitted in congress that when the fire trucks and rescuers showed up, he didn’t allow them to advance to the location. He just “didn’t permit it”

Oddly enough, no single nation of the world thought that justified them launching 104 rockets at our capital.


7 Responses

  1. Very good. Thank you, as always, for all of your courageous,diligent hard work.

  2. I don’t know it you referenced it, but a good doc on this is “The Rules of Engagement”. I have never forgiven Joe Biden or Chuckie Schumer during the congressional hearings, for lying through their teeth about the evidence shown right before their eyes, taken from a small plane overhead shooting in infrared, showing the small weapons fire attacking the rear of the building where the women and children were, and the tanks creating huge holes in the building, and filling the place with CS gas, and then igniting it, causing a God awful inferno of fire. The cyanide effects on those poor people’s bodies was appalling to see. Blood on the hands of Bill and Janet, who signed the death warrant, and set the day and time of the execution of those 25 children. Yeah, there was more than good cause for the United States government to be attacked by the world community for this crime against humanity, a war crime in international law if I ever saw one, all to cover up the embarrassment of the ATF and FBI.

  3. Yeah, and then there’s Fallujah, and the depleted Uranium that poisoned Iraq. And let’s not forget the napalm girl from the Vietnam war.

  4. I remember seeing a doc about Waco in the 1990s. Not sure which one it was. Part of a traveling film festival. It was truly shocking. No wonder Timothy McVeigh was so angry. But that’s another story.

  5. Mass Mind control….

    trauma based mind control…

    what happened to …the Law ?

    innocent until proven guilty,

    “Jurisdiction”….Good Faith,

    the 4th Amendment, The Fifth Amendment

    the responsibility of the people in America and
    Texas to KNOW THE TRUTH…didn’t relocate
    to another zip code ….like the “Jewish State”,
    on account of who prints the currency,
    and who owns the media….on the
    Animal farm….where the self righteous
    hypocrite crack heads in Congress ignore
    the truth to avoid justice

    unclean hands, bad faith….
    Truth Hating, Justice hating Psychopaths
    are NOT “government”…just truth hating
    terrorists employed by the Mass Murder
    for filthy lucre global crime syndicate…
    who are so extra special one simply cannot
    question their “Narrative”…

    Define : Conspiracy

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