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  1. Long Long OverDue.
    That we 99.999% R E A L I Z E that the “wealth”- the Pentagon Mob killing machine operated by the nazi Koch Gold-man Roth-schild etc
    will not settle for anything less than Complete Enslavement.
    We are all engaged–in a Total War. Choose yer Side.
    With Yemen Syria Iran Russia et al
    OR with the diabolical Maddog$ pompeo bolton -rumpf
    the even more duplicitous Dums pelosi schumer.

    Total War to the End!
    Veterans! U know what they’re scheming! U swore Oaths to guard against Domestic Enemy. Take It to DC palm beach wall street.

    • o. O. O. so sowwy cia, moi no take my medication.
      now feel much mucho better.
      mind’s been made right…peace & wuv.
      Bring on the next nine-eleven.
      will believe in every Lie!

  2. F.U.K.U.S. Nice acronym. Lmao

    • deer de- invest ! Exactly!
      my last hope is WALK-Out from Killer Kapital-IZM.
      about a mill-yun us Refugeees bring about a hunnert bill-yun$
      in AgroEcology equipment to the well-coming Refuge Cuba Russia Iran Yemen et al. We grow our own food sustenance.

      Along with S-400 Air Defense & Retaliation Revenge Weaponry that can obliterate The Enemy.

      Anyway, the Greatest CRA$h is on it’s way shortly…
      so Dis-Invest yer I’ll-gotten gains,
      ye despicable ‘wealth’ war- pusher$,
      Into Sustenance Livelihood Tangibles.

      Oops where’s my Lobotomy…

  3. wol
    Don’t forget Igor Canada. The big C belongs in there too.
    Agenda 21, n all.
    So full of FAIL

  4. Yes, the US is in violation of international law set forth by the UN regardless of whether Assad launched chemical weapons within the territory of Syria. Needless to say, the UN Security Council consists of 3 permanent NATO members and 2 non-NATO members, so it is lob-sided to start with. The US virtually dictates what the UN can and cannot do – not the least because of its funding. At this stage, the UN itself has been so corrupted, so that it makes very little difference when it comes to preventing wars. Have you read Scott Ritter’s latest two articles in the The American Conservative? His explanation of NPR (Nuclear Posture Review) is particularly chilling.

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