Trump Launches Attack on Syria Before Douma Psyop Falls Apart

The U.S., Britain and France all got together and launched a largely symbolic attack on Syria yesterday on behalf of our good friends in the Army of Islam. It’s a mad, mad, mad world, is it not?

Trump Launches Limited Attack on Syria Before Douma Hearts and Minds Psyop Falls Apart

AJ does his own version of “F*ck it! I’ll do it LIVE!”

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  1. Thank you for the early posting, sorry about the nut with the gun:(

    • probably just some drunk kid with a gun walking home popping off a few rounds. happened all the time in Mayberry. Sheriff Andy had to get Barney to deal with that shit at least once a week

  2. Are you sure it wasn’t a chemical weapons attack you heard ??.

    • don’t get em started man. You Scottish people are always trying to stir something up. that’s all I need are the White Helmets breaking in here shooting me with water and spraying COPD medicine in my mouth. Oh wait… I am the White Helmets and I already take that medicine. Shit, you might be right.

  3. Yep, those videos were staged. Those kids in that hospital were NOT in any kind of respiratory distress, they were fine until being subjected to screaming people flushing them down with water hoses. And the other vids of the corpses, yes, those people were dead and then used as props, exactly like you said. Trump is f*cking idiot and his initial bluster about ‘nice new missiles’ about to hit, were thankfully scaled down and not some shock and awe operation, as has been done previously. My guess is that it was a sort of face-saving operation and coordinated with the Russian military via back channels, so that this thing would not escalate into direct US/Russia confrontation. At least not yet. – BWT, I wouldn’t be so sure about the OPCW results. They are under immense pressure from State, and although Bolton is not yet Sec. of State, the acting sec. Sullivan is a former Rumsfeld appointee to other positions. I’m trying to keep my dark sense of humor as well.
    Hang in there, Scott.

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