‘We didn’t see any patients with symptoms of chemical attack’ – hospital staff in Russian MoD video

by Scott Creighton

According to witnesses, directly after a strike, a number of people flooded into a hospital complaining of smoke inhalation and other issues expected in such an event when in stormed some White Helmet types who yelled out something about a chemical attack and got the people all panicked. They started spraying people with hoses and giving the kids inhalers for COPD or something and filming the chaos. The Russian MoD says they have evidence to suggest the British forced the White Helmets to do this on short notice. You might remember, the White Helmets (formerly known as the Islamic State Fire Brigade) were created by a former British Special Ops soldier turned contractor for MI-6. Looks like the Brits were desperate to distract attention from the collapsing Skripal case and the IDF’s ongoing genocide in Gaza.

Nikki Haley held a brief press conference this afternoon in which she claims the British, the French and the Americans all agree it was a “chemical attack” that took place in spite of the fact that they have no one on the ground in the area to do any kind of testing or interviews of witnesses. The OPCW, invited by Syria, arrived today to do an official investigation. The Red Crescent has already done theirs and they concluded no chemical weapons strike took place.

Samples of urine and blood were supplied to the U.S. via a group dedicated to “regime” change in Syria today which supposedly contained traces of some form of chemical agent. Of course, the group who provided them work for USAID, a CIA and State Department front group and the samples could have come from anywhere or anybody so they are completely meaningless especially when you consider the fact that Jaish al Islam (Army of Islam… the group we are trying to support with all of this… formerly al Nusra Front and formerly AL QAEDA) has been caught using chemical weapons, especially chlorine gas, on innocent civilians in the past on numbers of occasions.

As the story of the “chemical weapons attack” in Salisbury, England was collapsing faster that a twin tower into it’s own footprint, it looks like the Brits panicked and pushed the emergency distraction button. They called on their terrorist assets to help them out of a pickle by cobbling together a piece of street theater and then they called on their embedded journalist assets across the complicit media spectrum to Megaphone the story with the quickness. That’s why it seemed so rushed and hastily put together. Because it was.

You either want war or you want the truth. When reporters fight over this these days, the phrase “US interests” is getting tossed around a lot. Even Tucker said yesterday that he wasn’t a traitor and that he too supported “U.S. interests”

What the hell do “U.S. interests” have to do with fabricating a story to go to war with Syria at the behest of the Brits and Israelis? How is that even a thing? There’s a term for it. It’s called a “war of aggression” That’s what happens when you try to gin up any excuse to go blow the shit out of some country somewhere in the name of “U.S. interests”

And we all know what those “U.S. interests” are, now don’t we?

That’s your interests. That’s all that matters to these animals. They just want to make sure everyone with an audience tells the same story, that’s all.

But we aren’t and that gives us all a little hope I suppose.

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  2. B R A Z E N ! The genocidal monsters of u.s. / u.k. / & their zionist fuhrer must be stopped. Please Russia…
    (moi speechless aghast at this ” gassing/ poisoning ” FARCE )

      Destroy the DC London nazi cancer!
      Russia, it’s The End! Go nuclear!

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