I am Demanding MakerSupport And Stripe Return Stolen Money to My Donors

by Scott Creighton

UPDATE: I have been informed by a donor who is trying to get a return of her funds, STRIPE is lying to her saying “the problem must be with” my bank. I contacted them yesterday and today at 3:15pm and there are no pending transactions and no one has attempted to verify my account. Their ACH team will be working on it tomorrow when I call them in order to get an official record of the lack of transactions and no activity in any capacity from Stripe or MakerSupport. Chase suggested I inform donors looking to contact STRIPE and MakerSupport that if they say again, ask them to provide a TRACE# or REFERENCE# for the attempted transaction. If they don’t have one, they aren’t being honest.

This morning I sent a direct message to both Connor Douglass of MakerSupport and to the service center at Stripe (the financial company which facilitates MakerSupport’s transactions) demanding they immediately return ALL DONATIONS made in my name through their companies to the people who made them.

Connor Douglass is in direct violation of the law. His money transfer company seems to be in direct conflict with the user rules of Stripe and it would appear he is involved in some form of multi-level marketing scheme with MakerSupport giving kickbacks and percentages of other people’s donations and payments if you sign them up.. which is also in direct conflict with the rules of Stripe.

Whatever the case may be, it Connor Douglass through his company MakerSupport has refused to respond to my many attempts to contact him and has still not released my funds to me. He has not replied to  several of my donors who have attempted to contact him and ask him what is going on. He has basically just taken the money and ran which ironically and sadly was foreshadowed by a reader of mine in an email she sent me after making a donation.

I have demanded Connor return their money to them today.

I am asking those 10 people who donated to please contact their banks and begin addressing this issue as best they can.

I have also already contacted the FBI’s IC3 division and filed a complaint with them and I await hearing back from them.

Below are the contact points for MakerSupport and Stripe. Please feel free to contact them and demand your donations be returned to you because they never made it to me and they probably never will.

Very sorry about all of this. I should have seen it coming.

Maker Support email support@makersupport.com

Maker Support twitter account https://twitter.com/GoMakerSupport

Connor Douglass email conner@makersupport.com


Connor Douglass Twitter account https://twitter.com/DissentReport

email Stripe (attention Angus and Veronica) support@stripe.com

12 Responses

  1. I’ve contacted my credit union & asked how I can get a refund. I heard back from Stripe, but they said the usual BS about how your bank must be responsible. Of course, no response from MakerSupport to either of the 2 messages I sent them on their platform, including the @help profile. No response to my e-mail.

    • Hi Barbara. I contacted Chase yesterday and asked if there were any pending deposits or transfers or if anyone had tried to verify my account from those two companies and the answer was no to all of that.

      After reading your comment, I just called Chase again and asked the same questions and got the exact same response. They suggest that you contact Stripe and ask them, if the problem is really on MY end, then they would be able to provide you the TRACE # and the REFERENCE # for those transactions. If they refuse to give them to you, then they don’t exist and they never made any attempt to transfer funds to my account.

      and they are lying.

      Also for your information… I informed Stripe about my checking with Chase yesterday and so they already knew there were no pending transactions and they already knew my account has never been contacted by Stripe or MakerSupport in anyway.

      I can tell you that they offered to get their ACH team involved and I will do that tomorrow. They track down stuff like that and will file an official report on it for future litigation purposes.

      I’m very sorry about all of this. had I only known. very sorry.

      • I’m still waiting for a response from my credit union. If you still need help, the only other way is through GoFundMe. I’m not aware of any problems on that site unless you know otherwise. USPS is the other option, which I personally prefer.

        • thank you but you have done more than enough already. I haven’t seen a lot of YT channels or blogs raising funds through GoFundMe. don’t know why. Look, a reader left a comment about folks contacting their card companies and doing charge-backs against Stripe for this. I don’t know how that will work but it certainly seems like Stripe and MakerSupport have no intention of returning the money anytime soon, so it might be a consideration? He said you could tell Stripe you are going to do a charge back and since that ends up looking bad on their rating, it might shake something up with their decision makers. But honestly I don’t know if it’s a good idea or not. would it effect your rating?

          • Deb Della Piana, Claudia Stauber of Cabin Talk & Debbie Luisignan the Sane Progressive have all used GoFundMe for special funding requests. Della Piana is using that site to organize her general strikes, & Claudia & Debbie have used it when they’ve needed money to upgrade their equipment.

            • I did not know that. I will check them out but again I was and am still hoping in a month I wont be needing assistance. Besides, I may have to do one in the future to try to fund a legal defense. lol. sucks to be me this month, I’ll tell ya.

              • Here’s a new post from MakerSupport on its site.

                “Stripe is conducting a routine review of the platform and has put a short hold on payouts. They assured us that once their review is complete, all payouts will be resumed. They told us that the review will be completed in the next 4-5 days.”

                “Thank you for your patience during this process. Look out for a big update coming soon.”

                You believe this?

                • absolutely not. that note came 8 hours ago. a little time before that someone on Twitter asked the big boy account holders like Stxhenhammer666 and a few others to find out what was going on and see if they could help…

                  … PLUS… I got an email from STRIPE saying AGAIN they had NOTHING to do with this delay and I needed to get it worked out with MakerSupport.

                  All of that I am putting in a new short update video now

                • didn’t STRIPE tell you they were blaming MY BANK for the delay? How did they tell you that by the way?

      • It’s not your fault, Scott. No need for you to say sorry. You’re the one who’s ultimately been cheated & given the run-around.

  2. Well done video…
    hope your donors get their money back.
    sorry you had to experience this kind of fraud, Scott.

  3. Here is the registration of their LLC – which means, any personal assets of this person cannot be touched. So yes, he’s most likely a total scam artist.

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