Former U.K. Ambassador to Syria, Peter Ford, Tells BBC Douma Chemical Weapons Attack Was a “staged provocation”

by Scott Creighton

Are you paying attention Glen Greenwald, Amy Goodman and Juan Gonzalez?

Former U.K. Amb. to Syria Peter Ford (2003-2006) is not to be confused with former U.S. Amb. to Syria Robert Ford (2011-2014)

Peter Ford:

In February 2017 Ford became a Director of the British Syrian Society, alongside President Assad’s father-in-law Dr Fawaz Akhras.[6][7]

In 2016, he suggested opposition forces were responsible for an attack on a UN humanitarian convoy in September 2016 which led to the deaths of 10 humanitarians (the “8 Days” destabilization campaign that ended Obama and Kerry’s deal with Russia to share info on our ISIS contractors)

On the Khan Shaykhun chemical attack, he commented to the BBC that “there [had] been no investigation.. not a dodgy dossier – we’ve not seen any dossier whatever this time”.[13] Ford argued there was no proof of the Syrian government’s involvement in the attack.

Robert Ford (Brought in by Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama to start the color revolution and terrorist regime change operation):

after the U.S. Senate had failed to act on the nomination, Obama used a recess appointment to secure Ford the position.[7]

R. Ford served John Negroponte as his number two in Iraq as they ran the death squads under Negroponte’s Salvador Option

“In January 2005, following Negroponte’s appointment as US ambassador to Iraq, the Pentagon confirmed in a story leaked to Newsweek  that it was “considering forming hit squads of Kurdish and Shia fighters to target leaders of the Iraqi insurgency in a strategic shift borrowed from the American struggle against left-wing guerrillas in Central America 20 years ago”. (El Salvador-style ‘death squads’ to be deployed by US against Iraq militants – Times Online, January 10, 2005)

John Negroponte and Robert S. Ford at the US Embassy worked closely together on the Pentagon’s project.” Global Research, 2011

This is a 6 minute long video from Syriana Analysis of an interview Peter Ford gave Gary Robertson of BBC Radio Scotland:

Robertson: Are you saying these pictures have been staged?

Peter Ford: Yes.

Robertson: Are you saying these people haven’t died?

Peter Ford: Yes. Yes. Yes. In all probability the incident has been staged…. who are the sources? The White Helmets, another pro-Islamist jihadi outfit…

Here is the video:


UPDATE: In the previous version of this article I mistakenly identified Peter Ford as a former U.S. Amb. to Syria when in fact he was the U.K. Amb. to Syria.

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  1. Thanks for uploading this. Anybody who has followed US foreign policy for any length of time – that is MORE than 2 decades, knows that this is the road to further and further escalation. No, WW3 will not happen right away, perhaps not even for several years, but this situation is very, very serious. The hubris of the western alliances coupled with the Saudis and Israelis is enormous, and the potential for miscalculation on all sides is real. On the one hand, the globalists don’t want all out nuclear war between the US and Russia, they’re perfectly fine with wider regional wars though, because it creates enormous profits. On the other hand, you have other alliances aware of an existential threat to which they need to respond – in one way or another. The personalities behind the scenes are most likely divided as well, so in historical terms, there are temporary alliances and power shifts, which are reminiscent of the pre-World War 1 era – only on a truly global scale this time around.
    Then as now, ordinary people have no say-so in these games, and will be used as pawns. Those in opposition will be marginalized or much worse. The inhumanity of humans toward other humans is endless throughout human history. The end result of our species will be the destruction of the planet and our living conditions, regardless of who wins or loses. That is my philosophical assessment. In our limited spheres of influence, everything which contributes to dehumanizing others, should be minimized, if not shunned.

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