Douma CW Event: Interview with Peter Ford on BBC and Mean Tweets from Trump

Former U.K. Amb. to Syria Peter Ford went on BBC Scotland yesterday and said the Douma event was definitely staged while Donald Trump take al Qaeda/White Helmets at their word and threatens to bomb Syria some more.

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  1. there’s just one redeeming ray of Light in this awful diabolical apocalypse. The u.s. nazification Will be obliterated.

  2. Donald Trump to Russia: “You shouldn’t be partners with a gas killing animal who kills his people and enjoys it”

    Someone should say to President Trump: “You shouldn’t be partners with Palestinian killing animals, who appear to enjoy it”, (and those Israeli citizens that come with lawn chairs to watch the slaughter of these unarmed people, I might add, they seem to enjoy it, also).

  3. Question: Do you all (including/esp Scott) all have wireless keypads on your prayer rugs and face Mecca when posting your stories/comments?

    • wait… am I supposed to be in league with Putin or da ebil MoooooOooslims? You seem to be confused. We are about to bomb the people ATTACKING the Army of Islam, Jaish al Islam, (a group that started up saying they wanted to overthrow Assad so they could turn Syria into an Islamic caliphate) based on lies fabricated by something that used to be called the “Islamic State Fire Brigade”

      You see, I OPPOSE that group, genius. Are YOU on YOUR prayer rug facing Mecca right now perhaps?

      You aren’t very good at this are you

  4. I was referring to your wholehearted backing of the Palestinians, not the situation in Syria. Syria is a complete mess, but Assad and Russia are not exactly innocent either in all this. Assad has been systematically killing his own people with barrel bombs since 2013.
    My issue with you is more your unabashed hatred for Israel. Why? I read what you wrote about the Holocaust and how you called the death camps “work camps”. Yeah – there was a work camp at Auswich, but there were also ovens. You minimize what was done, and it disgusts me.
    The Muslims want a Caliphate, and they want to destroy Israel and the U.S. Israel is the only sane country in all of the Middle East. When the entire world is turning against them, I would think that you (of all people) would realize how important they are when it comes into this who OWG thing.
    Look – I’m not an idiot. There is a huge religious component to this whole situation that I couldn’t possibly begin to explain, but unless you’ve read the Bible (and also know a lot about Islam and how they think from the perspective of an ex-Islamist) you wouldn’t understand it. I will tell you this though – with Islam it’s either believe or die. There is no in between. I also believe that there isn’t a whole lot we can do about how things unfold, other than to be on the side of the good guys…and I assure you – the good guys are not the Palestinians and Hamas.
    I think you are just wasting a lot of time and energy on things that are completely out of anyone’s control, and not enough on understanding why these things are happening. It has all been Written and is coming to fruition. Just my thoughts…

    • Hey a.p. you say “i am not an idiot”.
      …”killing his own w barrel!!!boms”
      U prove yer own point!

      As one whose ancestors were in those DeathCamps,
      i pronounce the zioni$t naziified butchers GUILTY.
      They might have come in peace seeking Refuge from white capitalist Genocide, & tried to be good neighbors.
      Will be glad when nutty-yahoo ILK is vaporized along with us.

      Report moi troll

    • man, you had to dig DEEP to TRY to find something I’ve written that you could SPIN as antisemitic, didn’t you?!? What a weasel you are. How long did you spend doing that, troll? Or did you have one of your team do it for you?

      “uh, I see where you wrote that the Germans set up ‘work camps’ during WWII… yeah, ok, they did set up ‘work camps’ but your antisemitism disgusts me”


      So let me get this straight… you come onto a thread where I was talking about what’s going on is Syria (and clearly I am NOT on the side of the terrorists of the Army of Islam) and you start RANTING about me supposedly being a Muslim blogging from my “prayer rug”… because… I don’t support Israel attacking UNARMED PALESTINIANS and killing 25 of them and wounding another 2,400? But you never mentioned the Palestinians NOR the ‘work camps’ I wrote about, that you agree existed?!?

      And we are supposed to believe that?

      “The Muslims want a Caliphate, and they want to destroy Israel”

      So ALL Muslims want a Caliphate and want to destroy Israel huh? Is that the way you see the world? What about the Muslims living in Syria who are quite happy and proud living there as it is/was before we started our terrorist regime change operation? What about them? By the way, you do realize that Saudi Arabia is a big supporter of Israel, right? And the Wahhabists and Salafists who DO WANT a caliphate are mainly from Saudi Arabia… right?

      And you do realize that those same Wahhabists and Salafist Islamists who want a Caliphate have attacked pretty much every nation in the Middle East except for Israel and the Muslim countries that support Israel, right?

      And you do realize that Israel has on several occasions provided assistance to some of these “rebel” Islamist groups that are terrorizing the people of Syria, right? You do understand all of that, right?

      “I will tell you this though – with Islam it’s either believe or die. There is no in between”

      Wow. You got a lot of hate in you don’t you? Let me give you a little insight here bucky. Uh, back before we “liberated” Iraq, Shites and Sunnis would live across the hall from one another with no problems. Iran has the second largest population of Jewish people in the world and to my knowledge, they aren’t killing them off. Christians live just fine in Syria like some Muslims live just fine in Tel Aviv. Where are you getting this info from? You gotta stop with the hate man. Just give it up. It’s a CHOICE. Thou MAYEST. TIMSHEL. Do you GET IT? Just STOP for God’s sake.

      “Israel is the only sane country in all of the Middle East. When the entire world is turning against them…”

      Ah. Now we come to the crux of the matter, don’t we? Yeah, the IDF hasn’t done Israel (or Jewish people in general) any favors when it comes to public opinion as of late, have they? That’s what happens when you slaughter innocent unarmed men, women and children who are staging a protest about their land being stolen a couple decades ago. That’s also what happens when your Prime Minister is about to be run out of Tel Aviv on a rail because of all his corruption. But you know, coming here and looking around hoping to find something antisemitic to hold against me (and you certainly didn’t find ANYTHING) that ain’t going to help you or your cause. I mean, even if I was ranting every day like some Nazi on StormFront… how the HELL would that help Israel’s PR machine ONE BIT?!? Is that going to mean the IDF wasn’t shooting journalists and CHILDREN with SNIPER ROUNDS these past two weeks?

      You gotta THINK before you type buddy. You think I’ve been around doing this stuff for 11 years without learning that?

      “I think you are just wasting a lot of time and energy on things that are completely out of anyone’s control…”

      Now that is absolutely disingenuous because if you actually believed that… you wouldn’t be here. Public opinion does matter. That’s why harbara exists in the first place. That’s why PR exists. And propaganda.

      Overall, I am going to give you a “C-” for effort on this one. And I’m being pretty generous I think.

    • “that I couldn’t possibly begin to explain,”, as said by you, AmericanPatriot,,,,,,,, LOL
      It doesn’t look like you can explain anything !

  5. AmericanPugtriot oh mine! With a name like that it is totally obvious that he is an israhelli bot, binny’s butt boy.

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