Tucker: What Do We REALLY Know This Time (about chemical weapon attack in Douma)?

The answer? We know it’s a fraud.

On this subject, WAR, Tucker Carlson has more journalistic integrity than Glen Greenwald and Amy Goodman COMBINED.

Wow. Just… f-in… wow.


4 Responses

  1. I believe this is the second time I have applauded Tucker Carlson in recent memory. The last year has really shaken up our mainstream accepted and promoted political left and right. If anyone still clings to a label, you know they are at best not paying attention or at worst an idiot.

    All day I have felt desperate at the lack of response from anti-war groups or individuals. Never mind the absence of truth as far as the eye can see. It was good to see some.

  2. The senator knows the American people are very skeptical of this attack, but his main stance, he makes clear in no uncertain terms, is that he sees this from the point of view of Israel, not from the point of view of America, at least not that of the American everyman. Israel says that Iran is closing off their access to the North. The problem is, what is their true motive? Look at the Golan Heights. Israel seized a piece of Syria in time of war, They won’t let go. They are in fact selling off the oil and gas from this stolen land, and have the gall to be angry that Syria won’t allow the Israelis pipeline access to export this stolen oil across Syrian territory. Does Israel respect the sovereignty of Syria or not? The government of Syria is well aware of the plans to create a greater Kurdistan. They see, or should see, that Israel is well motivated to create excuses whereby American children will die in a war to remove the impediment that is an Independent sovereign Syria. The bankers don’t mind, war is the banker’s richest harvest. Think of what Ike said in his “Cross of Iron” speech. The senator says that the US interest is in fighting ISIS. Bullshit. It is more than obvious that our American government has been in fact arming and funding ISIS rather than trying to eradicate them and the other derivatives of Saudi Wahhabism. It is complicated, as the senator says, because our government’s expansionist goals are difficult to explain away in good old American values. That is the Gordian knot of being owned by a foreign power, as this senator clearly is, and that we were warned about by George Washington. Being so closely allied to this foreign power threatens the safety of the whole world. Are we so easy to buy off that we would sell our own soul like this? When exactly do we stop and ask the questions, as Tucker seems tentatively willing to do, at the risk of his own job I am sure, questions that if, even more pointed, might very well save humanity? Are we just a bunch of Lemmings? The cliff is rapidly approaching folks, drop the rhetoric and take a good hard look at this one, before we fall for the same old tricks, being lied to, to start yet another war. This may not be just another isolated conflict, and it appears that our government is all to ready to roll the dice on the big one. Are Lindsay Graham and John McCain personally going to carry their rifles and lead the charge? The media is trying to box in the President, like children calling someone at school a chicken. This ain’t no schoolyard game folks, and the “child” in question appears to be a spoiled rich kid owned by Israel himself. He’s got the bike with all the bells and whistles. What a choice we had this time around, a mafia murderous felon queen, or this, as Scott says, this “silverspooner”, it’s like we got to pick from the social clique in high school, but armed with nukes. Grow up seems to be not nearly a strong enough term here. And how about you, Mr. American citizen, or Ms. or whatever the fuck you are insisting on these days, are you well enough informed to make good decisions, as Thomas Jefferson said, or have you totally abandoned your claim to be a part of We The People?

  3. I hope everyone who voted for Sen. Wicker sees that interview. This is what the Senate has become … stooges for Israel!

  4. how does a global crime syndicate turn into a

    “Constitutional Republic”…via bankruptcy to a
    global Mass Murder for filthy lucre crime syndicate



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