Douma Event Updates and Zuckerberg Testimony About Shutting Down 1st Amendment

After having to remake this video 3 times… I am finally uploading it. And I’m over it. Enjoy

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I will be on INN World Report Radio Tonight with Tom Kiely – Show Starts at 7pm Eastern

kiely creighton

Tonight we discuss the FF event in Douma, Zuckerberg in Congress and other such matters


Call in to speak on the air live at 512 646-1984!

Show starts at 7pm Eastern, I’ll be joining Tom at 7:30.

Lots to talk about so tune in if you can and give us a call

What is Going On With MakerSupport?

Does anybody have any insight into what might be happening with my donations and available balance at MakerSupport? Their PAYOUT button seems to be giving me the finger.

I am waiting to hear back from STRIPE, Connor Douglass and MakerSupport “support” but so far… nothing.

Is this another Skrill developing right before our eyes? Inquiring minds want to know before they ask their supporters to trust this company with their bank account information and their hard earned dollars.

If you have any insight please let me know because the button over at Maker Support offers no clues and they have yet to respond to my support requests.

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Tucker: What Do We REALLY Know This Time (about chemical weapon attack in Douma)?

The answer? We know it’s a fraud.

On this subject, WAR, Tucker Carlson has more journalistic integrity than Glen Greenwald and Amy Goodman COMBINED.

Wow. Just… f-in… wow.