Complicit Media Marching In Lockstep on Douma FF Event… just like they did back in 2003

Trump has said there will be a “major decision” on Syria in the next 24 to 48 hours. So there isn’t much time to expose this FF event for what it is before Bolton and the rest of the neocons send your kids to the Middle East to fight and die for the Greater Kurdistan project.

Of course that means the complicit media is marching in lockstep like they did back in 2002-03 and, of course, folks like me have to be silenced because we are “fake news”

It’s ok. We’ve been here before and it’s not like we didn’t predict this shit a while ago.


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3 Responses

  1. This post has been shared to Truth Movement Integrity Activists Facebook Page – A Culture & Society Info Sharing & Discussion Site & Truth Troubadour twitter. Thanks for your courageous and honest analyses!

  2. Trump is not dumb enough to start WW3. It would destroy the world…..

  3. Nothing’s going to happen. (((They))) bled Syria for years at little cost to themselves. No reason to not keep doing that.

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