Douma Attack: Trump’s Very Own Obama Red-line Event

When Obama came out in 2013 saying he would attack Syria directly if they crossed the “red-line” and used chemical weapons on civilians… just a few weeks later an event was staged in eastern Ghouta to make it seem Assad had done just that. The warmongers demanded IMMEDIATE WAR but independent journalists and researchers proved the Syrian government had nothing to do with it and Obama’s plans to regime change via humanitarian bombing campaigns were put on hold.

Now, a week after Trump announced he wanted to pull troops out of Syria, the exact same thing has happened and the complicit press is running with the story like we are all 5-year-olds and can’t remember what happened back in 2013, 2011 (Libya) or 2003 (Iraq)

Unfortunately it seems the Trumpster is going along with their plans.

Caitlin Johnstone article

Trump tweet about Obama’s redline and how his is going to be better

Syrian army finds chlorine and other chemical weapons left behind by our “moderate” terrorists in Ghouta

Israelis kill a journalist covering Gaza


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6 Responses

  1. Vanessa BEALEY reports from the crime scene. Exc!

    Everyman et al did mucho good by gutting that MI5 or 6 ‘i-van’ actor.
    Man yer patient!! It reads like a B’way play.

  2. Had hopes that Trump might see through BS like this but he has proven to be an idiot.

  3. Donald Trump’s campaign speech: People we’re thinking that he might be playing the deep state. Now we know he was playing his voters, and has been all along all along. He is Israel’s bitch. NATO’s bitch. Wall Street’s bitch.

  4. No big surprise that all the footage comes from the White Helmets and being lapped up by the Western media as usual. It’s basically war propaganda in support of further US intervention in Syria. Al Jazeera showed more extended footage of the corpses in that hallway, and yes, those kids and women are dead, no question about it.
    There is no way to fake this for such a long time in an uninterupted video, especially with infants. So the footage itself is very real, but where the footage was taken and when, is another matter altogether. Other video clips are emerging which show the exact same scene, but now with ‘foam’ appearing on the mouths of the corpses, while this was NOT present in the initial and much longer video.
    Needless to say, its used for propaganda in order to manufacture consent for further bombing on behalf of these factions which refused to leave the area. In addition, the footage of kids being doused with water in ‘medical facilities” is completely staged. The kids are perfectly fine, not in any respiratory distress and only upset after being doused with water. The way this is all being used is sickening.

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