In the Wake of New Porton Down Revelation, Lets Talk Novichok

As the Skripal case devolves into dust, let’s talk about what Novichok is or is supposed to be and how unlikely it now appears this substance was used in the first place by ANYONE.

Propaganda Rags Like Daily Mail Working Overtime to Spin Latest Skripal Poisoning Info from Porton Down

Moon of Alabama article

CDC FActs about VX

Science Direct Novichok


novichok 8 times more deadly than vx

Porton Down unable to finger Russia

Skripal poisoning timeline

Jimmy Dore video


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  1. I just a guy by the name of Field McConnell say that the Novichok came from the University of Chicago.

  2. I just heard a guy by the name of Field McConnell say that the Novichok came from the University of Chicago,

  3. THERE IS MINIMAL DOUBT THAT THIS COULD BE ANY COUNTRY OTHER THAN RUSSIA. For what reason would another country other than Russia want to kill a Russian ex-spy? What would be their motive? You, sir, are simply acting on the information you read about in the media and are not privy to the information that has not been released into the mainstream media. So, please let’s avoid all the disinformation being put into the public domain. This is a Putin-approved Russian-state operation:


    The case against Russia

    Even if Russia is not alone in having Novichoks, chemistry can still be used to help point the finger. A clue to this might be found in the government’s description of what they found in Salisbury: “A military-grade nerve agent of a type developed by Russia.”

    Chemical analysis can reveal not only what the nerve agent is, but also the particular process used to make it. So, if the UK believes that Russia produces Novichok in a unique way, that may prove to be vital evidence.

    “If you’ve got an environmental sample, you would have your nerve agent there, but you would also have some probably unreacted precursor chemicals,” explains Professor Hay. “You would probably have traces of solvent that were used…”

    “These can all help to give you a clue as to how something was made. You may also have – within your intelligence information – details of how particular places make these things. So that’s the sort of comparison you’re then in a position to make.”

    Hay adds: “On occasions when I’ve been privy to some intelligence stuff, it’s just amazing how much more there is than is in the public domain.”

    The government’s case against Russia is multi-faceted; chemistry is only one part.

    Authorities will have also considered a wide range of other intelligence sources. Who was in Salisbury on the day? What does the CCTV show? Who were Skripal’s enemies? And what information have the secret services managed to obtain?

    At the moment, we simply do not know the extent or strength of the evidence. But this information may potentially be enough to incriminate Russia, regardless of the Novichok chemistry.

    In statements on the affair, Theresa May has also factored in Russia’s “record of conducting state sponsored assassinations – including against former intelligence officers”.

    Among the high profile deaths which have been linked to the Kremlin are former FSB agent Alexander Litvinenko and Putin critic Boris Berezovsky. So the Salisbury attack fits a pattern.

    The motives for Russia (either Putin or his associates) also seem clear: Sergei Skripal was accused of passing information to the UK’s secret services about the identities of Russian agents operating in Europe. So not only was he considered a traitor, his work for the UK may have potentially put the lives of Russian spies at risk.

    But investigators will also want to rule out other possibilities, no matter how unlikely they may be. Crucially, whether another state actor could have tried to frame Russia – perhaps to undermine its credibility on the world stage. Some people have also questioned whether there could have been a security breach at nearby Porton Down, including theft by a foreign government.

    Meanwhile, there have been questions raised about the apparent vagueness of some of the UK’s allegations. For instance, one statement claimed: “We have information indicating that within the last decade, Russia has investigated ways of delivering nerve agents likely for assassination.”

    Does “within the last decade” mean “continually throughout the last decade”, or simply “once at some point in the last decade”?

    FactCheck asked the Foreign Office what was meant, but we have not received any clarification. We will update this blog if we do, but it’s very possible that the vagueness is deliberate so as not to show Russia all the cards.

    The verdict

    Allegations over chemical and biological weapons have a troubling history. Both accuser and accused have misled in the past.

    In the ‘80s, for instance, President Reagan’s administration repeatedly accused the Soviet Union of supplying Vietnam with a biological weapon called Yellow Rain. But the scientific analysis proved to be staggeringly wrong: the mysterious substance was, in fact, just bee excrement.

    And, of course, the intelligence about Iraq having weapons of mass destruction in 2003 also turned out to be wrong.

    So, with the Salisbury incident, investigators will need to ensure the evidence is watertight.

    “For me, it’s a combination of what this thing was, plus circumstantial stuff,” says Professor Sella.

    “I think, on the basis of the chemistry, the evidence against Russia is very strong,” adds Dr Guthrie. “I would categorise it as strong evidence, but not proof at this point.

    “But, take into account what happened with Litvinenko…”



    • All previous victims of such Russian “poisonings” have suffered a horrible, slow and painful death. Whereas, these two, the father daughter team, are not only recovering with “no lasting damage”, but there is absolutely no independent confirmation or verification that they were ever poisoned at all.

      Therefore, it is highly probable that this whole episode was a simple ploy to escalate and provide momentum for the tension that seems desirable to facilitate engaging in proxy wars throughout the middle east and central Asia, while providing new propaganda ammunition to justify more endless wars…

      After all, haven’t we always been at war with Eurasia?

      (you are a troll, ivan! and very bad at it, too)

      • That us the biggest load of bullshit I have heard for a very long time. 200 armed forces and a huge number of police have been involved in the clean up operation. Do you really think Western democracies all act like Putin’s regime? That the UK government would set up a hoax like this on its own citizens just to get push back against Russia?

        I don’t know what your background is but you certainly have not been to the UK, of which I am a citizen. Ethical behaviour and fair play still count in my country.

        • “That the UK government would set up a hoax like this on its own citizens just to get push back against Russia?”

          Is that a rhetorical question? Humor perhaps? You know nothing about 7/7 I guess. Or the Downing Street memo for that matter. Yes, London and their intelligence services would CERTAINLY resort to staging an event in order to turn up the pressure on Russia. After all, your guys did try to help Obama subvert our democracy, right? Or did you forget about that as well?

          “I don’t know what your background is but you certainly have not been to the UK, of which I am a citizen.”

          Ah, the old “appeal to authority” routine. Kinda cliche isn’t it? You guys still doing that shit?

          “Ethical behaviour and fair play still count in my country.”

          Counts for what? You’ve been watching too many Bond movies buddy. Which part of the “ethical behavior and fair play” factored into you guys creating VX? Hmm? How about slavery?

          • The British were one of the first nations to abolish slavery and I don’t think you, as an American, should be taking the holier than thou attitude on this subject.

            Of course the British wouldn’t stage an event like this. You’re obviously one of these conspiracy addicts.

            I notice people like you prefer to undermine your and other western democracies in the face of gross violations by Putin on the world stage – Crimea, South Ossetia, Eastern Ukraine. Start standing up for your own people rather than being a 5th column. In World War II you would have been either shot of been locked up for subversiveness.

            7/7 was Mussie extremists. What you need to be focusing on are the ‘fake’ terrorist attacks Putin set up to get political support … by creating a mythical enemy the little turd got the Russian populace behind him. Do your research in him before trying to put Russian interests before the West’s.

            • Really sorry, Ivan… I was mistaken, and I apologize and take what I said back. You are not a troll… You are an idiot and an utter fool!!!

              You are an idiot for believing that your government tells you the truth… And a fool for believing it wouldn’t engage in hoaxes and false flags to co-opt its shitizens (like yourself) to go along with their sinister plans to invade other countries, suck their resources dry, block other powers’ trade routes, break their alliances. In fact, it is the British Empire that has written the playbook for such trickery and double crossing treachery that has cost the world hundreds of millions of lives in the past few centuries. How did you think the empire the the sun never sets came about? By trading oil and gold for bangers and mash?

              (Your usage of the word “Mussie” already speaks volumes to your programmed, prejudiced, shallow and dangerously ignorant mind.)

              • Keep such thoughts to yourself David unless you can produce hard evidence when it comes to the UK government.

                Now the US government under leaders like Bush/Cheney, Trump/Pence, Nixon et al. is another animal altogether. Just as devious and untrustworthy as those they oppose, as well as morally bankrupt.

                • you seem to have skipped an administration there Ivan my boy. Didn’t you mean to include Obama/Biden and maybe even Clinton/Gore? Or are you still blinded by partisan fakery like you are blinded by your obtuse nationalism?

                • “Such thoughts”, you say, eh??? “To my self??? Got it…

                  I will produce hard evidence as soon as you can produce your hard evidence that the Queen is not actually a man… (oops… another thought that just escaped from myself’s mind… )

                  As for what you say about the US government (I see that you spared Obama)… The pot calling the kettle black, doesn’t make the pot white, my friend. Especially when the English pot in question doesn’t seem to even be aware that he is a pot… (oops, another one escaped)

                  • Clinton and Obama did not manage to piss off their European allies. Billy boy was a fantastic and highly popular President. I will give you that Obama was very weak on foreign policy.

                • London is a cesspool. It is the birthplace of neoliberal economic ideology while at the same time you troglodytes still worship at the feet of your kings and queens, letting them become FILTHY rich, literally sitting on thrones of GOLD while you DEMAND AUSTERITY from your POOREST CITIZENS. Pathetic really.

                  London: the money laundering capital of the world April 2017

                  Oh… and about your comment on British slavery. Once again, you seem to have left out some key details.

                  “The Slavery Abolition Act of 1833 formally freed 800,000 Africans who were then the legal property of Britain’s slave owners. What is less well known is that the same act contained a provision for the financial compensation of the owners of those slaves, by the British taxpayer, for the loss of their “property”. The compensation commission was the government body established to evaluate the claims of the slave owners and administer the distribution of the £20m the government had set aside to pay them off. That sum represented 40% of the total government expenditure for 1834. It is the modern equivalent of between £16bn and £17bn.

                  The compensation of Britain’s 46,000 slave owners was the largest bailout in British history until the bailout of the banks in 2009. Not only did the slaves receive nothing, under another clause of the act they were compelled to provide 45 hours of unpaid labour each week for their former masters, for a further four years after their supposed liberation. In effect, the enslaved paid part of the bill for their own manumission.” Guardian

                  45,000 slave owners in Britain got a payout from the taxpayers when they had to give up their slaves. The modern-day equivalent of 16 billion bucks. AND… the “freed” slaves you were talking about STILL had to work for 45 hours a week for the newly enriched slavers FOR FREE for YEARS.


                  Plus, you guys have used TERRORISTS to create nation states and destabilize others for a CENTURY or more haven’t you?

                  London is full of scum. Greedy, worthless, cowardly little scumboys. And you damn-well know it.

                  Thanks for playing troll. Now get the fuck out.

                • and you should take the time to listen to this guy. He’s British. He gets it. Talking about how Torries in a business were running around in other countries doing their level best to undermine someone else’s democracy. Not PUTIN… BRITAIN.. and hell, they fucking did it HERE didn’t they? Scumbags every one. But this guy… good guy. Some good people in Britain. of course people like you hate them… but still good people.

                • Here’s another guy who gets it. He’s talking about your bought-off complicit neoliberal press. Fascist press mind you.

                  Stick around Ivan. I can do this ALL DAY LONG

            • In World War II you would have been either shot of been locked up for subversiveness. ~ ivankinsman

              That is very true… But, if it weren’t for crown/flag/ideology/authority worshipping zombies like you, there wouldn’t have been a World War II, would there? Fast forward eighty years, here we are being dragged once again into yet another world war, once again thanks to people like you, where billions will perish, and millions will be “either shot or be locked up for subversiveness”!!!!!!!! Thank you so much, ivankinsmans of the world…

              From your first post on this page, it seems like you have a grasp of geopolitics. I have a single question quiz for you. Who is the leader of ISIS? (You know, those “Mussie Extremists”)

              (if you are indeed a paid troll and not the numbskull you are portraying, my argument is still roughly the same… You are a cog in the wheels of war either way… no matter whose team you are playing for)

  4. There seems to be some kind of massive lie in this story – but which lie is it? Could it not be Novichok? Could there be NO poisoning at all? Could there be no real ‘daughter Yulia’? Perhaps she’s an agent too? Perhaps Skripal himself is still ‘active’? Perhaps they’re both already dead even? Perhaps the UK spooks killed them/attempted to kill them? The whole media circus, National Health Service alerts to the public and staff, plus the international political upsets, were all concocted for some bigger geo-political ‘battle’ that is going on over Syria – we will never be told the full story of even the truth!

    Yesterday I caught up on a UK Channel BBC4 documentary about Porton Down – very interesting stuff – some of it we already knew. No mention of Novichok though!

    We are ALWAYS being lied to it seems!

  5. Seems to me that the entire project is about whipping up hysteria in order to soften up the western public for regime change in Russia or worse (outright military confrontation). We all know how that worked out in other countries which have been regime-changed: utter chaos + destruction costing millions of lives. This of course part and parcel of these projects, and so far, they’ve been highly effective. Look at what is happening in Brazil as we speak. The narrative is effective because it is repeated over and over, even if it turns out to be a fabrication of ‘evidence’, which is later admitted to.The newest story about the animals being left in the house to die of thirst are laughable on its face. These would be immediately taken as evidence + nerve agents on door handles would have to be applied by someone in full protective gear. I’m afraid that the US Empire, by insisting on its dominance, will make its final miscalculation out of hubris, something none of us, nor most humans on this planet will survive. If you’ve ever seen the docudrama THREADS, which was banned in Britain, you know instantly that you would be better off dead if this should ever happen.

  6. The Scripals may have been used without their direct knowledge – but doesn’t it strike anybody as rather strange that the Porton Lab is only a few kilometers away from the residence? Putin would have no motivation to have this guy assassinated after he had already been exchanged in a spy swap almost 10 years prior and with election result at home almost guaranteed. The western press, under heavy influence of the Atlantic Alliance, has been pushing the anti-Putin narrative for a solid 2 years, especially in Western Europe, without interruption.
    The National Security Archive, here in the US, has published recently declassified documents that point towards a deliberate deception by the West during the negotiation phase, when the Soviet Union collapsed, including the promises of the non-expansion of NATO towards the East. These promises were broken due to calculated resource grabs by Western Capitalist and their newly emerging cronies (former lower level apparachiks in the Soviet Union), who took pure advantage of the ensuing chaos, which amounted to a Shock Doctrine, collapsing the entire social safety net for ordinary Russians. The instantly resulting poverty of the population, with life expectancy plummeting within the course of just a few years, most western people have no idea of immense suffering for ordinary people in Russia during the Yeltsin years. Putin, although no angel + committed to capitalism from the start, slowly reigned in some the worst excesses. This is why most Russians will rather have a Putin than a repeat of Yeltsin. So now, we essentially have capitalists versus other capitalists – and the ensuing resource wars, who controls what and in what region.
    Various players in these geo-games tend to form alliances, some of them temporary. But everything points towards further conflicts and wars. There is nothing even remotely positive on the horizon – including the immense environmental destruction caused by over-consumption, which is simply not sustainable in the long run.

  7. Hey Willy; what an interesting exchange!
    I did a post the other day on this very topic, though trying not to spend too much time on it because it is a total false flag/psychological operation in my opinion.
    “Porton Down Can’t Exclude Porton Down from Skripal incident”
    In my opinion this is all you need to know about the whole incident:

    Aitkenhead said: “We were able to identify it as novichok, to identify it was a military-grade nerve agent. We have not verified the precise source, but ……

    As I stated at my place:

    “If Porton Down cannot verify the precise source of the Novichuk, then Porton Down CANNOT be discounted as the source of the Novichuk.

    Additionally, I’m unsure of how they can call it ‘military grade’ without knowing the ‘precise source'”

    Without knowing the precise source of the Novichuk one cannot claim it was the Russians, one cannot discount it was concocted in Porton Down

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