Propaganda Rags Like Daily Mail Working Overtime to Spin Latest Skripal Poisoning Info from Porton Down

by Scott Creighton

As the Skripal poisoning case collapses into its own footprint at near free-fall acceleration, the Mockingbirds of the Western media are busy taking dictation from their lords and masters, the “secret sources”, spinning up some new variation of the ever-changing story in an effort to mitigate the destructive power of a little TRUTH being shared with the public. Damn that TRUTH.

Here is the “evidence” from the Daily Mail as of 8pm yesterday: I am going to START my evaluation of their work from the back moving forward since it’s what they should have done themselves. (quotation marks mine)

÷ World-leading experts at the Porton Down defence research laboratory identified the chemical in Salisbury as the Novichok nerve agent. Novichok applies to a group of advanced nerve agents developed by the Soviet Union in the 1970s and 1980s. Gary Aitkenhead, chief executive of the Defence Science and Technology Laboratory, said the substance was ‘probably only within the capabilities of a state actor’.

÷ The UK has “evidence” that Russia has previously produced this agent and would still be capable of doing so. Russian whistleblower Vil Mirzayanov revealed in 1992 that promises by the Soviet Union to reduce its chemical weapon stockpiles were hollow.

÷ Intelligence gathered has indicated that within the past decade, Russia has investigated ways of delivering nerve agents for assassination. Not only this, British intelligence agents have “evidence” that Russia has explored using Novichok on door handles and ‘everyday objects’ in ‘recent times’. Police investigating the poisoning of the Skripals said the highest amount of nerve agent was on their home’s front door handle.

÷ International allies (CIA) have handed over top-secret intelligence to the UK that points to Russia being behind the attack.

÷ Vladimir Putin issued threats to Russia’s ‘traitors’ in 2010, saying: ‘Traitors will kick the bucket, believe me.’

÷ The British Government believes Russia views some defectors as legitimate targets for assassination. In 2006, a new Russian law was adopted which formally permitted the extra-judicial killings abroad of those Moscow accused of ‘extremism’. Russian spy agencies were said to have been emboldened by the new law.

÷ The details are unknown, but it is understood the UK has “evidence” pointing to Russian suspects who could be behind the attack. Spies are investigating a Russian who was on the same flight into the UK as Yulia Skripal before returning to Moscow a few hours later. A senior Whitehall source said the individual was a ‘person of interest’.

From this the Daily Mail dutifully regurgitated the claims of these unnamed “sources”, drawing conclusions from “secret evidence” that Russia is still behind the attack, in spite of the fact that their entire story is falling apart right before their eyes.

“Russia has explored carrying out assassinations by placing nerve agent Novichok on door handles, the Daily Mail can reveal.

Police have already disclosed they believe Sergei Skripal and his daughter were poisoned in Salisbury after the poison was smeared on the double agent’s front door.

Now British intelligence agencies have “evidence” that Russia had been testing the deadly agent specifically on door handles in the run-up to the attack on March 3.

Agents also have highly sensitive information showing Moscow tested the poison on other ‘everyday objects’, it emerged last night.

A security “source” said: ‘We have intelligence that goes beyond Russia made Novichok and stockpiled it.” Daily Mail

In spite of the conclusions that the writers and editors at the Daily Mail come to in that article (as is glaringly apparent in their “evidence” attachment included at the end of their piece) it is obvious that once again there is no real evidence to support the accusation being leveled at Russia regarding the Skripal poisoning case from March 3 2018.

It seems they have learned from the mistakes of the Iraq invasion and occupation. When they actually have real evidence of something, they find a way to release it to the public in order to sway public opinion in which ever direction they like. When they don’t… the “secret evidence” becomes a matter of “national security”

When you look at it in one way, it’s not really a lie, is it?  If they were to be discovered for lying and trying to frame another country which could end up in a shooting war with a Super Power, yeah, there would be a great deal of domestic unrest and high-ranking “intelligence officials” would be fired (and possibly worse) as the citizenry marched in the streets calling for their heads. Especially when they start asking “Well if Russia didn’t do it… WHO DID?!?”

So, when you look at it that way, keeping the ugly truth from the public is a matter of “national security”

This latest spin effort is a direct result of a recent report made public by Porton Down (chemical weapons lab in England about 10 miles from where this event took place) in which they claim to be able to identify the toxic agent as a “Novichok-type” poison (“military grade”… is there a “civilian grade”? I wonder) HOWEVER… they specifically stated in the report and in various subsequent interviews that they could NOT trace it back to the Russian state.

Let me give you an idea as to WHY the Daily Mail felt it necessary to publish their obvious propaganda piece blaming the Russians based entirely on “secret evidence” from “secret sources”

As we can see, the Daily Mail story is a direct result of a little TRUTH hitting the general population. “National security” concerns are apparently rampant among those “secret sources”

What they are afraid of is exactly what is happening. People are putting two and two together and not liking the results. RT has published a rather scathing compilation of the various British officials who have now been exposed as complete liars. Memories of the run-up to the Iraq invasion and the Downing Street memo are fluttering about in the already exhausted and distrusting English citizenry.

“London has directly accused the Kremlin on at least three occasions of being behind the chemical attack on former double agent Sergei Skripal and his daughter, Yulia.

Bizarrely, the Foreign Office denies Foreign Secretary Boris Johnson claimed the novichock “categorically” came from Russia, despite a recorded interview clearly showing he did.

The Foreign and Commonwealth Office (FCO) itself stated: “Analysis by world-leading experts at the Defence Science and Technology Laboratory at Porton Down made clear that this was a military-grade Novichok nerve agent produced in Russia.”

However, the tweet was deleted and an FCO statement said: “An HMA Moscow briefing on 22 March was tweeted in real time … One of the tweets was truncated & did not accurately report our Ambassador’s words. We have removed this tweet.”…” RT

As powerful as the RT piece is in terms of exposing the lies of the various political puppets in Russia blaming Moscow for the event, they fall victim to a sort of “political identity politics” as they (along with MANY OTHERS) seem determined to give Jeremy Corbyn a pass on this whole “Blame the Rooskies” thing:

Jeremy Corbyn has said Johnson had “egg on his face” because his claims were not backed up by evidence.

He told Sky News: “Boris Johnson has serious questions to answer. He claimed on German television that this was a Russian-produced nerve agent and Porton Down then examined it and said all they could identify it was as novichok…” RT

People seem to want to forget that Jeremy has some breakfast food on his mug as well:

Theresa May was right on Monday to identify two possibilities for the source of the attack in Salisbury, given that the nerve agent used has been identified as of original Russian manufacture. Either this was a crime authored by the Russian state; or that state has allowed these deadly toxins to slip out of the control it has an obligation to exercise.” Jeremy Corbyn March 15

For those of you who care to recall, the story of the poisoning has morphed over it’s short, one-month-old life-span. We were told the Skripals were poisoned in the bar, then she brought it with her from Russia, it was supposedly put on his BMW at one point, then they said some woman walked behind them and sprayed them with it… and now we are told it was placed on a doorknob for anyone to make contact with at his home. We are told it was the most highly dangerous nerve agent ever created yet it now seems it takes about 4 to 5 hours to have any effect at all and all those officials who walked in and out of that home as the investigation unfolded weren’t terribly bothered by it nor were those officers who were stationed right next to the dreaded door-knob for the better part of a month.

The victims have been held in secret. Their numbers, padded to suit the needs of various state actors who shall not be named (pretty much any of them with an interest in the Greater Kurdistan project and Ukraine I imagine)

Their story isn’t even being believed by the majority of the British people at this point, yet the Daily Mail and others dutifully bang out ridiculous and obvious propaganda at a frenzied pace right now as if they are writing more for posterity’s sake than for the ongoing “hearts and minds” operation.

The truth is (as pointed out weeks ago here and here) this is one of the most obvious false flag events we have seen in a long time. It was so pathetically and hastily cobbled together, you really had to be a true patriot of the UK to avoid letting the sunlight creep into your delusional mind. You had to WANT to remain ignorant for this particular psyop to be effective.

But I guess ultimately they all come down to that eventually now don’t they? Visions of Magic Bullets dancing in our heads once again. Magic Bullets and disappearing jumbo jets.

So sayeth the secret sources… so sayeth the lord.

2 Responses

  1. In a previous article you wrote: Understandably the Russians (and the French and Jeremy Corbyn by the way) are saying “WTF?!?”

    This still remains the fairer assessment of Corbyn’s response. He has more or less consistently said “WTF” – cautiously yes, but resolute in the insistence that we wait for evidence before proceeding. This in spite of unbelievable pressure coming from all quarters. After all, he was and remains the only MP to show any backbone whatsoever throughout this entire farce – the only one to dare to actually query the government story at all – he wasn’t even backed by his closest ally shadow chancellor John McDonnell, who instantly capitulated. By way of response 40+ Labour backstabbers (those who spearheaded the previous coup against him) seized on yet another opportunity to embarrass him, and issued an Early Day Motion backing May and the government. Meanwhile, our wonderful state broadcaster the BBC photoshopped Corbyn to look like a Russian agent stood in front of the Kremlin. Then yesterday they unearthed and broadcast old footage of Corbyn playing with Russian dolls instead! (Part of the MSM’s determined effort to distract from Boris Johnson being caught out lying – the pressure is mounting on Johnson nonetheless.) And all of this bile against Corbyn comes just weeks after a sustained media assault on the basis of absurd claims that he sold secrets to a Czech spy (he sued for libel and settled out of court – giving the money to charity) and more latterly being hauled over the coals by the pro-Israel lobby for a second time when they raised hell about a tweet from half a decade ago in which he defended that mural by Mear One. This bashing is relentless. It has barely stopped in the two years of his leadership. So Corbyn bends a little, because he is forced to, but unlike some around him he is still yet to break. That’s my view anyway.

    • I agree. Yes he did come out and say WTF? and give May a hard time about jumping to conclusions. And then they PhotoShopped a Russian hat on his head and apparently had a little talk with him and then he WROTE that quote. Sure he bent a little. God only knows the kinds of pressure they put on people like him. Look what happened with Dennis K. back in the ObamaCare days. He said one day it was ‘worse than doing nothing’ and then he took a little ride with President Peace Prize and came out the next day saying he was changing his tune to back it simply because he “wanted to support the president’s agenda” whatever that means. so yeah, I don’t really fault Corbyn for it. But, it is important to remember their little indiscretions as opposed to glossing over them as if they never happened. And that’s my view anyway.

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