There is Something Very Suspicious About Nasim Aghdam, the Zoolander of Youtube

Maybe I’m just jealous of her skill-set but something seems a bit off to me regarding Nasim Aghdam’s story.

my video from this morning

Nasim’s website archived

Russ Winter’s article


my MakerSupport page
my Patreon page
(link to Jan10 account will be up later pending her confirmation)


Skype: americaneveryman

One Response

  1. Hi Scott. I just had to mention here, I’ve seen that squirrel meme before. Jahar Tsarnaev reposted this video on his Twitter account shortly before his arrest for the Boston Marathon bombing. As you can see it’s a very odd REM video, and at around 2 minutes 25 seconds into it you see the giant squirrel. Don’t know if that means anything, but for some reason it made enough of an impression on me I still remember it 5 years later.

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