DONATION DRIVE – Please Help Jan10 and the Furry Family of AE

UPDATE: Her account needs to be verified. will take 2-3 days… DONATION links to my MAKERSUPPORT account in the meantime

Due to developing circumstances, this will probably be the last DONATION request I am going to post.

(I will explain more on that at a later date)

But right now things are as bad as they have ever been for me, Jan10 and the rest of my furry family.

You can click on THIS LINK to make a one time donation to help us all through this terribly difficult time and keep us up and running.

My Patreon account is still active but in all honesty I may shut it down next month depending on how things work out with what I mentioned before.



6 Responses

  1. I’ll get something in the mail sometime today.

    • thank you Roy but don’t worry about that. things aren’t that much better where you are so I appreciate it, but we’ll be ok.

      • I appreciate your work, Scott. No body does it better. I’ll do what I can to support it long as I can.

        You keep at what you do, long as you can.

        Hi to Jan.

  2. sent you some. wish it could be more. for every one else, send a little, whatever you can.

  3. Damn, just sent a donation to the previous post. Let me know if you got it, before the switch to the later post,

  4. Sent! Good luck to you, Jan and the furries.

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