Why are “Alternative” News Outlets Trying to Get YOU to Delete Your Social Media Accounts? Hmmmmm

Right about the same time the establishment is waging war on those of us who are actively engaged in the democratic process and sharing forbidden knowledge… along comes this push from some of our so-called “thought leaders” in the alternative movement telling us to go ahead and delete our own social media accounts. Gee, it’s almost as if they want us to do their work for them, isn’t it?

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5 Responses

  1. OK…. they will not make me pluck out my eye !
    News has really got ‘cute’… pulling her hair out… LOL

  2. speaking of false news….


    who profits from the Mass Murder for filthy lucre
    business model of the money changers & pharisees..
    the global GWOT…..crime syndicate..


    where is the secret pancake recipe….
    for the federal reserve


    how do {{{THEY}}} have any credibility…..

  3. I try to check as many different media/perspectives as I can. After awhile, you realize, everyone has a certain bias, which is fine, as long as one is aware of it. Corbett’s geo-political analysis is valuable and oftentimes accurate. So, it’s a good source of information as far as that goes – as long as you know that Corbett is a self-described anarcho capitalist. In other words, he’s most definitely not a leftist. I have always wondered why globalresearch,ca picked him up as a major contributor – Chossudovsky is a leftist economist. So, perhaps, yes, it was an infiltration effort. I noticed that globalresearch has quietly removed the link to the Corbett Report on their own website. Globalresearch was there LONG before Corbett. In any case, it may just have been a case of mutual cooperation up to a certain point and nothing nefarious.

  4. Yeah, let’s shut down Twitter accounts just when MAIN stream sources have to admit this:

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