Yes. We Are Extremely Dangerous to THEIR Version of “Democracy”

A participatory public, a viable community of engaged citizens working toward building a more informed citizenry, is the greatest threat to what they see as “their democracy”  What they fear most perhaps is the public coming to understand their their version of “democracy” isn’t actually democracy at all.

Yes. This is Extremely Dangerous to THEIR Version of “Democracy”

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4 Responses

  1. Great work, Scott.

  2. The Mid-April SPRING! Issue
    “Why Don’t ‘Liberals’ Want THE TRUTH?”

    Penn Magazine is named in honor of Penn Jones Jr., one of the first honest researchers into the John Kennedy murder by the U.S. deep state, which was the opening big event, leading to the murders of Martin King and Robert Kennedy, Oklahoma City, 9/11, Sandy Hook, Boston, San Bernardino, Orlando, Las Vegas, Parkland, etc.

    Go here to read Penn Magazine:

    Issues also available here in flip-page format:

    • Hi, Mike

      Keep at what you do, man, long as you can. It’s important, needs to be out there, to be read…

    • M.Palecek, gracias for the tremendous collection/ analysis.
      Recommend all come digest this ! Subscribe!
      MindBoggling Evil-empire. May it soon meet its End, and not Cru$h us on its way down.
      Time to Git !
      Cash in the crap currency/stocks bonds etc
      Hedge food- growing equipment for Cuba, Russia coops.
      Wanna do a piece in yer mighty Journal?

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