The Death of the United States Constitution: It’s Time to Make America Free Again

“We can pretend that the Constitution, which was written to hold the government accountable, is still our governing document. In reality, however, the Constitution has been steadily chipped away at, undermined, eroded, whittled down, and generally discarded to such an extent that what we are left with today is but a shadow of the robust document adopted more than two centuries ago. As John W. Whitehead warns in this episode of On Target, if constitutional illiteracy is not soon remedied, freedom in America will be doomed.”

6 Responses

  1. It is unfortunate that The Constitution was usurped with the Act of 1871. With that Act enacted, The Constitution was changed and made into a set of Corporate bylaws.

    In 1931 with Roosevelt’s “New Deal”, the Constitution and The Bill of Rights was put into perpetual suspension.

  2. We studied Constitution the whole of either 7th or 8th grade government classes, first half the federal, second, the state. There was no threat back then (early/mid ’50s), but we had to pass them to move on.

    Maybe they’re still being studied.

    • Our 7th and 8th graders are now subject to various Law Days and Constitution Days with legal professionals. Some presenters are good some bad. The one that asked them what right they’d be willing to give up was appalling, however. True story.

      • We had one 7th grade and one 8th grade teacher. They taught every subject in those classes. Their jobs depended on their work. They’d been at it for years.

        I’m thankful I went to school when I did.

        • But, I listened to my dad, too. He said it was all a “crock of shit.”

          I came to believe him.

  3. when the Mass Mind control program to
    Mass Murder of Davidians was BROADCAST LIVE
    on Talmud Vision in collusion with the social engineers
    employed by the truth hating terrorists that print
    the currency and own the media, and import invaders
    NARCOTICS and “bad Bacteria, virus 7 MOLD” into
    the cult compound for the members of the stupid idiot cult
    who pay the Harlots in congress, when they are not being
    blackmailed….for the global crime syndicate agenda…

    the bankruptcy of 1933,
    ended the so-called American dream….

    Remember Carlos Ghigliotti…

    I’d placed high hopes on the Zionist Congressional inquiry,
    but my trust level is rapidly declining. Carlos had said that the Committee would let it all out eventually,
    that they were just keeping a distance from him in the
    press reports until that time.
    He also said that he’d spoken to members of the press,
    off the record, and that they would eventually break it even
    if the Committee did not.
    I knew that there are ways to deal with Congressional oversight.
    J. Edgar Hoover was a master of that;
    every public person has some dirty laundry in the right files.

    But Carlos thought the House Government Reform Committee
    inquiry was the real thing….

    They’d uncovered some evidence that would shock us to the core, and were going to use it……”were”…!

    See Also…Waco : A New Revealtion

    why exactly should Americans want to know the Truth
    about Mass Murders using Military EQUIPMENT and the
    “MEDIA” to commit mass murder….for filthy lucre ?

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