Listen to Israeli Prime Minister’s Propaganda Mouthpiece, David Keyes, LIE THROUGH HIS TEETH about #greatreturnmarch

This is sickening to listen to. One lie after another after another after another. When he is finally asked by the interviewer for some specific evidence of Palestinian protesters “firing guns and rockets at Israeli soldiers” he says “well, large rocks can kill as well”

This man is deranged. He’s mentally ill.

One Response

  1. I’m sorry… I could only watch a few minutes of that liar. The comment sections in the Jerusalem Post and Haarettz are completely full of this crap…. I used to think maybe the Israeli people were ok and that it was just the government that was evil. Educate yourselves and read the comments in the Israeli papers… it’s thoroughly disgusting. What a pathetic racist culture…. reminds me of the deep south and the blacks….only worse. What an arrogant and bigoted country.

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