Netanyahu Speech – Making Israel Great(er) Again (Lift the Veil video)

Styxhexenhammer’s “strategic thinking” on Rebranding of MakerSupport Fraud

Styxhexenhammer has finally comment on the MakerSupport thing telling his fans to not make donations thru that service… 2 days after Stripe shut down donations themselves. Styx has gone all in with his continued support for Conner Douglass and MakerSupport and appears to be positioning himself to support this fraudster once he finds a new payment service from which he can run his scheme. I strongly suggest you don’t fall for this crap AGAIN.

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US housing secretary proposes tripling of rent for the poor

from WSWS

US Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) Secretary Ben Carson’s “Making Affordable Housing Work Act of 2018,” unveiled last week, would spell destitution for the poorest households receiving federal rental assistance, virtually all of which have annual incomes of less than $7,000. Roughly 1.7 million people, including 1 million children, would face eviction and homelessness.

The typical household affected would be a single mother with two children, with an annual income of $2,400—or just $200 a month. After paying rent, under this proposal, the family would have only $48 left to pay for necessities like clothing, diapers, school supplies and food or medical needs not covered by other assistance.

The housing proposal would impose a mandatory tripling of the minimum rent for households with an adult younger than 65, to at least $152; raise rents from the current 30 percent to 35 percent of gross income; and allow local public housing authorities to impose work requirements on those receiving benefits.

Carson’s sadistic plan is only the latest in a series of attacks on the most vulnerable and impoverished Americans that are being proposed or carried out at the federal and state level. It follows an executive order by President Trump instructing the secretaries of six federal departments to seek out new ways to gut existing programs and impose work requirements for Medicaid, food stamps, home heating assistance, housing assistance and welfare benefits…

These punitive cuts come as corporate boardrooms across the country toast the “booming” economy and rising stockpiles of cash, now at an estimated record of some $2 trillion. Recent reports have shown median CEO pay at the nation’s 100 largest corporations rising to an 11-year high of $15.7 million, 235 times the pay of workers. Earlier this month the major Wall Street banks reported record profits for the first quarter of 2018…

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Handshake in Korea Costs MIC Over $10 billion in Less Than a Week

by Scott Creighton

While Trump tries to take credit for the renewed peace effort on the Korean peninsula (1:43 mark in video), reports from Fortune magazine are exposing just how jaded, cynical and dependent on endless war our military industrial complex’s stock market has become. It would appear the “glorious markets” don’t like the prospect of peace breaking out in that region. So much so, the stocks of 5 military contractors lost over $10 billion dollars in value in less than a week at the mere prospect of peace. A while ago I wrote that Lockheed Martin was the big winner in the area as Trump lied about sending an armada to North Korea and all his other blustering about “fire and brimstone” and blowing up the people of the DPRK. Guess I was right about that. But let’s see what peace does to our real masters in D.C.

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A Closer Look at StyckyHummer6-pak

No, it’s not a flame war. I’m just curious why this guy who used to hate the Bible belt and loved illegal immigration (and Satan) now claims to be a thought leader of the alt-right. Plus, I wonder why he never spoke out about MakerSupport which apparently was designed to hamper content creators of the alt-right. Lot’s a questions for old StyckyHummer6-pak

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The west closes its ears to Douma testimony

(And the West closes their ears to the victimized children who were terrorized by al Qaeda-linked “White Helmets” and Jaish al Islam during the staging of the “Douma chemical attack” video)

by Jonathan Cook

The response from the US, UK and France to a briefing on Thursday at the Organisation for the Prohibition of Chemical Weapons (OPCW) in the Hague was perverse, to say the least. Russia had brought 17 witnesses from Douma who stated that there had been no chemical weapons attack there earlier this month – the pretext for an illegal air strike on Syria by the three western states.

The witnesses, a mix of victims and the doctors who treated them, told accounts that confirmed a report provided last week from Douma by British reporter Robert Fisk – a report, it should be noted, that has been almost entirely blanked by the western media. According to the testimony provided at the OPCW, the victims shown in a video from the site of the alleged attack were actually suffering from the effects of inhaling dust after a bombing raid, not gas.

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The League of Assad-Loving Conspiracy Theorists

by CJ Hopkins, Off-Guardian

So the global capitalist ruling classes’ War on Dissent is now in full swing. With their new and improved official narrative, “Democracy versus the Putin-Nazis,” successfully implanted in the public consciousness, the corporatocracy have been focusing their efforts on delegitimizing any and all forms of deviation from their utterly absurd and increasingly paranoid version of reality.

The Democratic Party is suing Russia, the Trump campaign, and Wikileaks (seriously … they’ve filed an actual lawsuit in an actual court of law an everything) for launching “an all-out assault on democracy” by publishing the DNC’s emails, “an act of unprecedented treachery,” according to Party Chairman Tom Perez. Wikileaks founder Julian Assange, having already spent the last six years in a room in the Ecuadorian embassy in London to avoid being arrested by the British authorities, extradited to the United States, and imprisoned for the remainder of his natural life, has been cut off from the outside world in order to prevent him from further “interfering” with democracy by expressing his opinions.

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