#greatreturnmarch : 14 Protesters Killed and Over a Thousand Injured by IDF… on the FIRST DAY of the Protest

by Scott Creighton

a photo from when Pope Francis visited Palestine

The Great Return March was planned as a peaceful demonstration by the people trapped in Gaza. It was to kick off a 45-day long demonstration, a sit-in or a camp-in like the Water Protectors staged in North Dakota not that long ago. It is slated to go on till May 15th… Nakba Day.

Today was the first day of the event and thousands of families from “the largest open air prison in the world” gathered at the fences that separate them from their ancestor’s homes in what is now called Israel. All across Gaza they pitched tents, set up camps and made ready for a week of civil disobedience directed toward their Israeli captors. These camps are a hundred or so yards from the border fences erected by Israel. At one point they decided to march through the “no-man’s land” enforced by the IDF. It’s essentially a “no-walk zone” maintained by the Israeli military via threat of instant, merciless death.

On the top of the dirt hill, this side of the fence, you can see the Israeli snipers laying on the ground.

Today marks what the Palestinians call Land Day on which they try to remind the rest of the world they have no right of return to the homes their families occupied for hundreds of years prior to 1948.

At this point today, the first day of this demonstration, 14 Palestinians have been murdered and about 1,100 wounded for daring to walk too close to what Israel declares to be their territory. The IMEU reported on the first 12 victims of Israeli aggression. I have yet to find the names of the other two. When I do, I will amend this list. The first to be killed , Omar Samur, was a Palestinian farmer working in his field. He and another farmer working with him were targeted by an Israeli tank which fired a live shell at them. The Israelis claimed they did something suspicious. The other farmer was seriously injured. They weren’t even part of the protest.

  1. Hamdan Abu Amsha
  2. Sari Walid Abu Odeh
  3. Abd al-Qader al-Hawajri
  4. Ibrahim Salah Abushaar
  5. Abd al-Fattah al-Nabi
  6. Omar Wahid Samur
  7. Jihad Farina
  8. Ahmed Odeh
  9. Muhammed Kamal al-Najjar
  10. Amin Mahmoud Muamar
  11. Mohammed Abu Omar
  12. Mahmoud Rahmi

The complicit press is doing everything they can to mitigate damage to Israel’s tarnished image (Operation Cast Lead, Protective Edge and Pillar of Defense ring any bells?) like reporting on “deaths” of Palestinians and “clashes” that never happened resulting in those nondescript “deaths”

They are also parroting the IDF claims that various Palestinians, all the ones shot of course, were “terrorists” and the “terrorist organization Hamas” is using this demonstration as cover for planned acts of terrorism against Israel. All of that is completely bogus and was ginned up by the Israelis as they anticipated a bloodbath today to send a message to both Palestinian and Israeli citizens. We all know Bibi is in trouble these days and it seems they always think a good way to boost support for a government in Tel Aviv is to kill a few Palestinians.

Here is an exchange that happened yesterday in Washington. Apparently when Israel prepares 100 snipers to deal with peaceful protesters and FAMILIES, the current administration in office in D.C. has to scold grown men in the press corp if they dare worry about things like “blood baths” that might logically ensue.

In spite of the AIPAC talking points being regurgitated out there in the complicit press, there were no “clashes” and no “terrorists”. The IDF simply opened fire on unarmed protesters as they walked across Palestinian land in Gaza. They just happened to defy orders from their “masters” in Israel and walk too close to a fence.

“Shooting at unarmed demonstrators is illegal and any command allowing such an action is manifestly illegal. Yesterday, B’Tselem warned against relating to demonstration areas as combat zones and against shooting live fire at demonstrators. Armed soldiers and unarmed demonstrators are not “at war.” The illegal open fire regulations and the compliance with them are the reason for the number of dead and injured today in the Gaza Strip.” B’Tselem

“Media critics are assailing periodicals for describing today’s action as “clashes.” “Can you pls stop referring to soldiers shooting at unarmed civilians as ‘clashes’. You’re perpetuating the idea that this is a two-sided conflict as opposed to a powerful militarised state occupying & oppressing civilians.” Nima Shirazi: “Only one side fired ALL the bullets, ALL the mortar shells, ALL the tear gas. Only one side has ALL the tanks, ALL the bombers, ALL the drones.” Mondoweiss

Unfortunately, all the bad press that Israel is seeing right now might necessitate some form of staged event in order to turn the public’s disgust in a different direction.

I will be adding images and other updates to this article as more news becomes available.

13 Responses

  1. Can’t understand what the Israel’ leaders are thinking…. how could they shoot at peaceful protesters……. thought they forced Bibi to resign. Why can’t Israel be peaceful? They live on stolen property and they act like they own the world. Shame on them. Jews believe in the ten commandments…. so why don’t they obey their
    this world is sick.

    • actually the so-called “Jews” modern day so-called “Jews”
      believe in the Talmud….and hating truth.

      When Jesus was taking the High Road =” Moral Authority”
      in the 8th Chapter of John, in the Temple treasury,
      He “laid down the Law” in verse 44,
      wherein He described the
      “genetic heritage” of the .. {{{PROTO-JEWISH}}}…
      “Money Changers & Pharisees”
      who dung doodled and pilpul twaddled the oral tradition –
      …twisted, and demented excuses for breaking the Law,
      until finally the TALMUD was printed…circa 500AD

      should anyone that is curious enough to actually
      read the first five books of the Bible they will not find any
      so-called “Jewish” people…in fact Moses didn’t speak Yiddish
      never lived in Judea, didn’t have a copy of the Talmud, and
      hard as it might be to believe ….didn’t hate Jesus.

      what matters is the truth…seriously !!!

      why did Adoram get stoned…?

      the truth isn’t on Holiday




      • I find it humorous that Judeo-Christians use the Book of Revelation to justify such Israeli actions. Has anyone actually took the time to read this prophetic work? It speaks of the “Great City” that has made the kings of the Earth drunk “with the wine of the wrath her fornication.” it gives this city many additional titles (don”t believe me? Read it!): Whore of Babylon, Scarlet Woman, Mystery Babylon, Great Harlot that sits astride of “many nations, peoples and tongues’, Mother of harlots and Abominations upon the Earth’, etc. What is the location of this city according to John? The city “where also our Lord was killed,” i.e., not Rome, New York, Washington D.C., London or Moscow. That great city is identified as the capital of the Israeli state–Jerusalem.

    • This is Easter (technically, the first full moon after the Spring equinox, i.e. Nisan 14). Remember the story of Satan tempting Jesus?, You could forget all this Kingdom of Heaven crap, you could have all these Earthly kingdoms. The Israeli government went for Satan’s deal. They want to rule the Earthly world. Anything you need for the necessities of life, you bow and scrape to us. We have set ourselves up as God.

      • Glen:

        You misunderstand Judaism. The Ten Commandments apply only to Jews. Under the Talmud, your status is slightly above that of a catfish or draft horse. The Chabad Lubbavitchers claim their Bible has extra commandments–that the “goyim’ (non Jews) must follow the 7 so-called Noahide laws. Death to non-Jewish abortionists (allowed for Jews), death to idolaters (Christians may fall into that category), non Jews may not steal, non Jews may not murder, death to those who create new religions or philosophies…you get the idea.

        Btw: All our presidents from Carter through Trump are all in with Chabad and these laws. George H.W. Bush signed a bill making Noahide U.S. law. (While this currently has no force in U.S. courts it is considered binding under Jewish law. They eventually WILL enforce it–given the current state of public retardation.)

        As for the Jews land grant from G-d: there were no Jews at the time. Jews did not exist until after the Babylonian captivity according to the Bible accounts. Modern Jews (even though most are non-Semitic Ashkenazi) claim to be descended from Judah and Benjamin. Well, guess what? Each tribe of Israel owned land and Judah never had the rights to much of modern Israel. And Israel was NOT given an outright, poermanent land grant as claimed. It was a covenant Israel violated and they were cast out and the temple destroyed.

        The Book of Revelation calls modern Israel and its planned 3rd temple “abomination of desolation.” It also says Israel will be utterly destroyed, burned by fire, will die by her own hand. This apparently has not discouraged Evangelicals and Christian Zionists from their curious worship of this golden calf!

        • P.S., Glen, I was referring to the belief of Jan10 you were replying to.

          • simply speaking… the old testament of the bible was written by Jewish scribes mostly… as opinions of the author on how to explain God and god’s expectations of people…. it is an extension of the Talmud.
            The new testament of the Bible is written by witnesses to actual events and sayings about Jesus….. so it is hated by the Talmud Jewish population.
            These Noah laws that may or may not be enforced.. guess that would put everyone in jail.
            why would they even pass such a dumb law?.

  2. What’s that Sulphur smell?
    Well earned Karma points.
    Good Score.
    Way to go, Israel.
    Do us all a favor;

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  4. I wrote about Gaza in 2004 basically warning Palestinians they were walking into the equivalent of the set of “Escape from New York”:


    And it has come to pass. Imagine if Russians were killing AND MAIMING A THOUSAND UNARMED DEMONSTRATORS? You would never hear the end of the “octopus” Putin and his crimes against humanity. With total control of the media and U.S. Government, not a peep.

  5. I wouldn’t have known about this if it wasn’t for you, Scott. Msn isn’t even touching it.

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