Fact Checking Newsbud’s “Syria Under Siege” Video

James fact checks Newsbud’s recent “Syria Under Siege” video and comes to some unfortunate conclusions.

7 Responses

  1. I had been watching Sibel sink into new lows with every tweet and retweet she has sent out over the past month or two, and wondering when Corbett would finally chime in… And here we are…

    For someone like Corbett , who has had a pretty long (and tight) working relationship with Edmonds, to come out with these findings could not have been easy. I applaud him for it. Nonetheless, I suspect there is more backstory we shall still find out. And, I am quite curious as to what Sibel, who has essentially self destructed under this relatively mild twitter stress test will say for herself.

    Irrespective of whether she was always somebody’s agent/gatekeeper or not, I still can’t make sense of the way she handled herself after such long years of building up her “brand”. It is such a bizarre episode that It almost reminds me of the Koni director Jason Russel’s naked meltdown.

    • agreed. But the Kony-guy’s episode was drug/attention induced. This isn’t as far as I know. Plus, we can’t ignore the context in which Sibel’s attack is taking place and her direct communication with the RPI.

      Trump is about to unleash full scale war against Syria and Iran. The new NBC “news” report from Richard Engel makes that perfectly clear. And Trump supporters are going to be asked to go along with this war of aggression based on more lies about Syria and the current government in place in the country. What better time to try to distance RPI followers (and anyone else for that matter) from independent journalists like Beeley and Bartlett?

      Edmonds has always been controlled opposition. This is her doing her work in preparation for another major event in geopolitical history. Frankly I am surprised so many people are caught off guard by it. And you are right in pointing out just how close Corbett and Edmonds have been over the years. Surely there is a lot more going on between them behind the scenes. I seriously doubt she would ever besmirch his name.

  2. i have no journalistic integrity to defend. sibel edmonds is full of shit, always has been – limited hang out artist.

  3. James Corbett is such a bastion of sanity… the same way I perceive Vannessa, Eva, and Patrick Henningsen.
    Am sickened by this obvious ramp up to a major conflict with Russia. Lines are being drawn..sides being taken…disinfo is rampant.. smears have replaced facts.
    There is nowhere to hide from this.

  4. Surrender of Russia Iran Syria et al. to u$ nazi genocide …
    or extinction of Life on Earth? Choose?
    Please Russia decapitate the Mon$ter.
    i fight with Russia. gotta suitcase N for d.c.?

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