FBI Under Renewed Scrutiny After Pulse Gunman’s Father Revealed as FBI Informant

by Whitney Webb, Mint Press News

New court filings in the legal case against Noor Salman, the widow of Pulse Nightclub shooter Omar Mateen, have revealed that the gunman’s father was a confidential FBI informant for over a decade, up until the very same month that the deadly shooting took place. The stunning revelation has again placed the role of FBI in domestic terror attacks under scrutiny, especially after the recent school shooting in Parkland where the FBI repeatedly ignored dozens of warnings about the shooter prior to the tragedy.

According to court documents, Seddique Mateen worked as an FBI informant from 2005 to June 2016 and allegedly used his clout with the nation’s top law enforcement agency to block a 2013 investigation into the behavior of his son, three years before he shot up a nightclub in Orlando, Florida, killing nearly 50 people. During that time, Omar Mateen’s name was also removed from the “no-fly list” and FBI terror watch list.

However, Seddique Mateen was much more than a typical FBI informant, as revealed by his shady dealings abroad. Investigators reportedly found receipts of sizable money transfers to Turkey and Afghanistan during the first part of 2016, which also continued through early June. He had also worked to raise up to $100,000 to fund terror attacks against the Pakistani government. This news is especially troubling, given that his son allegedly committed the massacre after having pledged allegiance to Daesh (ISIS), a terrorist group with direct ties to Turkey and an active presence in both Afghanistan and Pakistan

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