(a day after the Kemerovo Mall tragedy) U.S., EU to expel more than 100 Russian diplomats over UK nerve attack

from Reuters

The United States said on Monday it would expel 60 Russian diplomats, joining governments across Europe in punishing the Kremlin for a nerve agent attack on a former Russian spy in Britain that they have blamed on Moscow…

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11 Responses

  1. If they were sent home…. great. they probably will be glad to leave.

  2. The war drums are now beating loud and clear, this much is clear. The neo-liberal world order demands absolute power, while the neo-con faction (a part of this same order) demands military aggression no matter what. The military industrial complex will be quite satisfied with escalating regional wars, starting new ones, and they are quite confident that a nuclear war can be ‘won’. What is going on now is absolute madness. Note, that the so-called ‘War on Terror’ has now been replaced by Russia and Iran as the new enemies, while the focus has shifted towards internal dissent as well. I’m afraid that Caitlin might be correct in fearing that we are one false flag event away from WW3. Although, I tend to believe that it will be a series of those, slowly ramping up the consensus for war amongst western media consumers. Heck, it’s been quite effective so far. It is literally sickening to witness all this…again and again and again.

  3. one can only hope that this Diabolical u$ Viru$ is completely Eradicated

  4. maybe this u$ version of nazi viru.$ requires our extinction.
    unless the toxic top gits amputated.

    American servicemyn/police You swore Oaths to Protect from foreign AND DOMESTIC ENEMIES. Start with d.c.

    • yes, they should !
      For one thing they need to remember…. when they are asked (or told) to kick in our doors….. their kin people and neighbors and loved ones are being threatened also….. then it will go down to them…. they are not safe either…. no fascist government trusts local police…

  5. p.s. little birdie just disclosed,
    Kickoff will be false flag missle.

  6. do these words Git moi on the List for the Camps?
    CIA gestapo etc pleez weigh in.

    • I’m not an etc. of those you mentioned above. In fact, I enjoy your work, read it whenever I see it, agree with all of it I’ve read.

      • Roy & Apple-gate name rings like a sweet tree forest. Merci.
        Moi70 years vewwy ‘old’…
        u$ mon$ter inherited na$i domination disease. Doom so what

  7. Hey, that many less intel jerks trying to mess with that country. I swear, the Ruskies are the only adults in the room these days, the bullshit coming from the west is laughable, dangerous, mind you, but…

  8. Mess from their positions in the EU I mean, but still, from there. Bush 41 promised Brezhnev that if the wall came down, the US would not move one inch east, now they are one inch from Russia, so much for our good word…

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