Col. Ralph Peters of “Blood Borders” & the Greater Kurdistan Project, Resigns Fox in a Huff Over Trump and Putin

The fake left is going crazy over Col. Ralph Peters leaving Fox News in a huff over Donald Trump congratulating Vladamir Putin for his election victory (like ObamaGod did in 2012)

Peters is going to become a darling of the neocon left like Morning Joe and Rachel Maddow but before that happens I just wanted to give you a little background into this man and show you what a complete war-mongering neocon he really is.

White House statement on call to Putin
Vox News article
The Project for the New Middle East
Peters and Tucker Carlson video
Patrick Clawson on how to instigate war with Iran
Col. Peters’ map of a New Middle East
Peters saying we should put NATO on suspension until we can attack Turkey for the Greater Kurdistan project
John McCain agrees with fake progressive Kyle Kulinski
Obama does in 2012 what Trump did yesterday

Vimeo: Scott Creighton (no content submitted yet)
Skype: americaneveryman

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  1. great video, Scott

    • Hi, Jan, (Scott, and whoever else might be interested).

      Just to let you know, it cost me some Mind Blood to get here this morning. No telling how much of that I’ve got left. When you don’t see me around anymore, it’ll mean I’ve run dry.

      Been a great ride, though.

      • hang in there Roy. I’m expecting Giant Meteor any day now.

      • Hi Roy,
        don’t make me cry! You had better not run dry….. this world needs all the ‘Roys and Pats’ it can get……
        the ride has been a little rough but great…

        • Hey, Jan —

          Sent you two a letter yesterday that’ll maybe explain things around here. Should get there next day or two.

          Don’t cry. We’ll be OK.

          • Scott has been real sick for the past two days…. I think he is better this morning… have to wait and see.
            OK…. I won’t cry… 🙂

            • Tell Scott we’re all pulling for him, but to not come back till he feels up to it.

              Also, wondering if that letter got there. (So paranoid, these days!)

              Just nod your head if it did.

              • Cannot figure out how to nod my head and let you see me do it.. LOL
                Scott says he got your letter about 4 days ago….. then he got sick.. no, not because of your letter…. he just got sick. Still feeling bad today, but a little better. say Hi and he will try to be more active tomorrow.
                take care

                • Can’t trust my memory any more, Jan, but I think I mailed two letters around the same time. Maybe there’s another still out there someplace.

                  Hi to Scott, and you, Lady, work on that head-nodding trick. 🙂

                • yes, yesterday…..
                  and we understand…
                  you take care

                  • Can’t remember what I wrote, Jan, but glad you understand. Don’t think I’ll post again, it’s getting that bad, but so glad I got to know you two.

                    Keep at it, long as you can.

  2. Like you, I voted for neither (Trump or Hillary), but unfortunately most people have absolutely no clue as to how dangerous this entire situation now is. And yes, the guy is full on neocon. The march towards a full on confrontation with Russia keeps building and building. Did you realize that Sweden just started military conscription? They are not in NATO, but their military leadership is completely behind the US, as they were during the 1980’s. Read up on the assassination of Olof Palme, their Prime Minister, who was for detente with the USSR for a non-alignment policy. These so-called leftists don’t even bother to check the National Security Archives, which document how the US betrayed their ‘partners’ in the remaining Russia, after the breakup of the USSR. They wanted it all, hence the Russian oligarchs, whom they supported. And now they complain about Putin? The Putin who actually stabilized Russia after ordinary Russians lost their entire social safety net overnight? Millions died pre-maturely. It was far worse than the Great Depression.

    • i confess to feeling much better…moi head’s got right.
      Lernt to wuv da bom! Whatever it takes to end the u$ Bring it On.
      Extinct R u$

  3. When John Bolton joins Team Trump, you know it is just a matter of time before the bombs start dropping. Time to get down to those Georgia Guide-Stones population numbers.

    Starting watching Dr. Strangelove last night and it is even more chilling today than ever. We live in a world where the Left is now as pro-war as the Right (except when they want to grandstand for a bit). And the the Military and its rabid supporters are SURE we can win a Nuclear exchange IF we act first and give them everything we got.

    GENERAL BUCK TURGIDSON: Mr. President, I’m not saying we wouldn’t get our hair mussed. But I do say… no more than ten to twenty million killed, tops. Uh… depending on the breaks.

    • What’s the proper dosage of HemLock?
      To think that these devils are going for Broke!
      and we’re going over the cliff because of these malignant abominations!

      Won’t someone bring some powerful presents to their parties.
      Veterans with experience? Grandmother, anyone?
      Embed Deterrent D.C.
      Oops gave my next opus/ play away. Hey cia hotshots,
      wanna co-author?

  4. People are worried too much. Unlike the US, Russia has mastered precision bombing strikes to minimize civilian casualties. Certainly Putin and Russia’s military leaders have shown they can treat the non-political, non-military population of a war-torn country with more respect than the US has done abroad. The bigger concern is Putin’s successor in six years and what s/he may think about how and whether to continue to manage Russia’s latest US Protectorate. Maybe we’ll end up in their Federation and Alaska will be the gateway to our new motherland. That should make Palin happy!

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