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  1. Just fyi …
    Penn Magazine


    Penn Magazine is named in honor of Penn Jones Jr.,
    one of the first honest researchers into the murder of John F. Kennedy.

    It’s all connected, that day and this, there is an ongoing thread, that’s why it’s important to keep doing the work … because if Truth does not come to the United States it will implode and possibly destroy the world as well. So, join with us and lets save the world.

    *Scott Creighton in first issue, Nov. 2017

  2. There were Ambulances and Fire Engines and people standing about. Mr Plod seemed very cross with master Tubby Bear again, he’s such a naughty.bear. And Mr Wobblyman, that funny little man who can’t lie down is so wobbly about it he’s on the telly saying very nasty things and making the whole town upset. What will Big Ears say when he sees this mess?

    • Sorry mate those outside the UK and it’s vassal colonies probably weren’t raised on Enid Blyton. Analogy fail.
      Shades of stories told on my grandmother’s knee.
      Such is the child-like narrative, same story book.
      My only question … where are the British?
      Hiding in the basement?
      Is there anybody out there?.
      Iraq anyone?
      Where is Tony these days?

      • People always talk about how 1984 or The Matrix is a good analogy for what is happening these days. How about “V”? Where are the people of Britain? They’re getting their minds right like everyone else cus this shit is getting serious. And while I point out their leaders who are supposed to have courage (like Corbyn for instance) I certainly find no fault in the people of England for taking their cues from the politicians who are running for the hills.

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