Kyle Kulinski Pushing Baseless “Putin Stole Election” Propaganda Like Hillary Did in 2012

Kyle Kulinski is busy selling Hillary Clinton’s old “Putin stole the election” propaganda from 2011-2012 in an effort to continue to demonize the elected leader of another country on behalf of the unDemocratic Party establishment. To do this he makes up some ridiculous law of averages fiction and of course, cites the CIA’s “Edward Snowden” as his proof.

What a tool Kulinski is. Who the hell follows this guy anyway?

Kyle’s propaganda

my article on the election results

Vimeo: Scott Creighton (no content submitted yet)
Skype: americaneveryman

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  1. two great videos, Scott.

  2. His Patreon income is incredible, last I looked. Something like $15K/month. Crazy.

    • Madcow makes even more than that selling anti-Putin hate. meanwhile, Paypal shuts down MY account for running a “hate” website and I’m starving. that’s ‘Merika! for you I guess.

      • “Oh beautiful, for spacious skies, …”. We used to sing it with gusto, way back in the days.

        Sometimes, I wish those days had never ended.

  3. His contention that an honestly held election is always closely split around the 50% mark is purely in service to the oligarchs in the USA who need to maintain the fable that our electorate has always been split that closely. I don’t believe it. Our controllers’ task of stealing elections is made feasible by our perpetual belief that each election is on the razor’s edge.

    • I’m curious to know what percentage of eligible voters participated in the Russian presidential election. IIRC, the winner of the U.S. election was “did not vote”.

      • To answer my own question: Russia had 67% turnout in 2018; U.S. had 55% in 2016. And yes, “did not vote” — if it were a candidate — would have won the U.S. presidency in 2016 (I would guess previous elections too).

    • also… it’s been shown before that they ALREADY know that trick when it comes to rigging elections. Bev Harris talked about that YEARS AGO on When they rig an election they make it by a close margin so it doesn’t LOOK rigged.

      • My point was that this proves Mr. Kulinski is merely a puppet by reinforcing the bias that close elections signify authenticity.

  4. I’m curious to know what percentage of eligible voters participated in the Russian presidential election. IIRC, the winner of the U.S. election was “did not vote”.

  5. Be kind! Kyle is an overstimulated boy:
    “Kulinski loves to use pharmaceutical drugs such as Adderall, Vicodin, Percocet, Xanax, and Klonopin. He’s also done cocaine. He is scared of hallucinogens such as LSD, magic mushrooms, and DMT. He also dislikes cannabis because it gives him paranoia and anxiety most of the time.[17] He uses the plant drug Kratom to help him focus for his job, so he was understandably outraged when the DEA wanted to ban it.[18] Kratom mainly exerts its effects via the mu-opioid and to a lesser extent k-opioid receptors, producing dose-dependent effects that range from analgesia and mild stimulation to deep relaxation and euphoria. He loves Kratom, so much so he started stockpiling it when the ban was announced. Again, this is understandable as many individuals who use Kratom on a daily basis are physically dependent on the plant and will experience the characteristically hellish withdrawal syndrome associated with opioids.”

  6. I just saw that. It’s like he’s been turned/bought by US intelligence.

  7. When Kulinsky first started his show he was 20. Now he’s 30, so basically he’s got no excuse at this point. I unsubbed from him in 2015 due to the fact that his thinking and analysis was always on the shallow end. Sure, I agree with some of his positions, but as far as global events are concerned, he doesn’t know jack shit. He is sooo itching to go mainstream its almost comical. Evidently he has no inkling of Russian history either. No big surprise. Perhaps he’s just too damn naive to realize that he’s just another pawn in the next regime change operation. Navalny is supported by NED. Oh, and Snowden, don;t get me started…

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