Russian Presidential Election Results – What Did the Russians Just Tell Us?

by Scott Creighton

According to Russian officials the election was completely transparent, monitored by international agencies from around the world.

The 2018 presidential election also featured enhanced transparency procedures being put in place to ensure the fairness and competitiveness of the vote.

According to the CEC data, over 1,500 international observers took part in overseeing the election.

Some 115 countries, including the US, Ukraine and Austria, dispatched their representatives to supervise the legality of the voting process.

Voter turnout was higher than it was in 2012.

According to the exit polls, the 2018 presidential election featured a massive turnout of voters with over 67.4 percent of the country’s electorate casting their ballot…

This year’s electoral participation rates considerably surpassed those from the previous presidential election…

The turnout results seem to contradict certain estimates made by some western outlets, which suggested that Russians will be largely inactive during this presidential race.

Vlad won in a landslide. He will be a thorn in the side of our “national interests” til 2024.

Preliminary results indicate that current Russian President Vladimir Putin has won the elections by a landslide, receiving 76.6 percent of the votes as 99.83% of ballots have been counted.

Exit polls are largely in line with previous forecasts, which consistently pointed to a Putin victory.

The candidate from the Communist Party came in second.

In an unexpected turn of events, the coveted second place went to Pavel Grudinin, a newcomer to the world of high Russian politics, who was advanced by the Russian Communist Party (KPRF)…

Nevertheless, the communist candidate significantly surpassed the liberal, gaining 11.9 percent, while Zhirinovsky received some 5.66 percent.

As expected, the lies about Russia have been coming non-stop since the polls opened. Hell, they lied about them hacking our rigged election (Democratic Primary). Why not lie about them hacking their own?

Putin heads for big win in fraud-tainted Russian vote “The vote was tainted by widespread reports of ballot-box stuffing and forced voting, but the complaints will likely do little to undermine Putin”

At least the New York Times tried to put a little perspective on the occasion without their usual flair for the dishonest.

“He is a strong politician, a strong president, who led Russia to rebirth,” said Vitaly T. Tretyakov, the dean of the faculty of television journalism at Lomonosov Moscow State University, after casting his ballot at Polling Station No. 148, a five-story red brick schoolhouse in central Moscow.

The years under President Boris N. Yeltsin in the 1990s were a disaster, Mr. Tretyakov said, echoing a common theme. Whether the current electoral system is good or bad is a different issue, he said.

Voter turnout and enthusiasm was high. Wanna see how the dreaded “commies” force people to the polls under the ever-watchful gaze of the Red Menace?

The region of Omsk offered free iPhones for voters who turned up in the best costumes, prompting a parade of voters who came as Santa Claus or a Roman legionnaire. One family was a hockey team.

That’s right. The dreaded “commies” gave out Iphones for the best costumes. That’s a Stalin trick if I ever saw one. Apparently they use Iphones to get all their anti-West propaganda while waiting on breadlines.

But the Times just had to do what the Times does I suppose. For it, they had to go to the State Department’s go-to guy in Moscow, the wannabe Boris Yeltsin (the guy who is ultimately responsible for Putin in the FIRST PLACE)

Mr. Navalny tried to put the best face on it, telling reporters at his headquarters that at least the boycott seemed to keep turnout below 2012 levels.

There were scattered reports of the usual election irregularities, with a few observers harassed or beaten and video cameras catching some ballot-box stuffing. There was also a discrepancy in some places between the turnout numbers tallied by Mr. Navalany’s organization, which fielded more than 30,000 observers, and the official numbers.

There was no real need for extensive rigging, however, because of Mr. Putin’s genuine popularity.

But turnout wasn’t lower than 2012 and apparently all the reports of ballot-stuffing and irregularities are coming from Mr. Sour Grapes Neoliberal Navalny’s flock of destabilization monitors.

Leave it to the BBC to take the demonization effort to the next level.

The papers: Putin ‘stockpiling nerve agents’ amid election win

In a different time, it might be funny.

“Hey. Vladamir Putin. You just won your forth presidential term in office. What are you going to do next?”

“Well, I thought I would use some internationally banned chemical weapons on some folks (like Obama says “we tortured some folks”) for no apparent reason… THEN I’M GOING TO DISNEY WORLD!!!”

Did Putin torture “folks” as a general rule? Rendition them to countries to do their little dirty work because it’s illegal back home? Wage an illegal war of aggression based on a series of lies? Create a “death squads from above” program using drones? Did he hire Wahhabist terrorists to destabilize nations? Did Vlad ever use nukes on civilian targets… twice? Did he ever threaten to use them on small, defenseless nations to get what his owners wanted? Did he ever enable the financial masters of his country to devastate their own economy so they could reap trillions in rewards directly from their tax-payers and use that money to consolidate their power even more?

When you look at it that way, it’s no wonder the Russian people came out in record numbers to send a message to the West’s masters of the universe.

They want no part of our unique brand of “democracy”

(That might give a sharp person an idea of what might happen with their volunteer army were someone like Donald Trump or Theresa May to decide to declare war on them.)

The Russian people told the world yesterday in no uncertain terms that there will never be another neoliberal Western puppet like Yeltsin again in Moscow.

I would take them at their word on this one. But that’s just me.

11 Responses

  1. I wish we had paper ballot voting.

  2. “The turnout results seem to contradict certain estimates made by some western outlets, which suggested that Russians will be largely inactive during this presidential race.”

    I was counting on those estimates! Bitter disappointment. Everything hurts: the massive turnout, the landslide win by the “strongman,” and the way they gloat over it.
    I wish RT, Fortruss and Sputnik did not exist so I wouldn’t read about it every day and be hurt over and over again.

  3. Note to Scott: “Vlad” is not an abbreviation used by Russians for the name “Vladimir.” Only Western detractors of Putin use it sneeringly to create an allusion to the Romanian name “Vlad” (i.e., Vlad Tepes, aka Dracula).
    The Russian shortening of Vladimir is “Vova.”

    I just saw this:

    and then this:

    and I was dumbfounded: so, it was the Brits interfering in our elections, not the Russians?!?

    But then I saw this and I felt reassured: its was the Russians after all, albeit more indirectly as befits their deceiving natures and, as we were told all along, to benefit Trump whom they wanted to place in the WH.

    So what next? I am breathless with excitement to see the next installment.

    • ariadnatheo, your mostly vacant blog has ample room for your ‘sarcastic comments’ which some times seem like an over-kill. You said, “words and heal or kill”…. I have to wonder if maybe you have other agendas. Seriously. why don’t you write about things in your blog?

      • sorry… supposed to be “words can heal or kill”

      • I no longer have a blog. For quite a while. But since my in-quotation marks “sarcastic comments’ bothers you to the point where you upset yourself worrying if I have “other agendas,” all I have to say to you, Jan, and to Scott, is:
        “Be well!”

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