A Closer Look At Paul Blumenthal’s Article on Sally Albright’s Attack Bots: He’s Still Serving Hillary… Like Father Like Son

by Scott Creighton

Yesterday, Jimmy Dore did a video talking about, what everybody else seems to be talking about, which is this new article on the Huffington Post which purports to expose one Sally Albright as a Bernie-hating hack who uses social media megaphoning techniques to attack left-leaning progressives who dare voice an opinion about things that is in conflict with the establishment line of thinking. Albright was an Obama lover and supporter of Hillary Clinton’s campaign in 2016. She also worked for Clinton at one time.

It’s a trendy topic right now and it seems lots of folks are sharing links to the HuffPuff piece. They shouldn’t because its propaganda. Instead, they should go straight to the original source of the information, here. Much better reference without the “Russian attacked us” disinfo that you will find at the other one.

“Unsurprisingly, Sally Albright was the most retweeted account overall. She retweeted herself 30939 times from 63 unique sockpuppet accounts. This amounted to 15.6% of the 190k total tweets collected. In the first six weeks of 2018, she managed to retweet herself an average of 559 times per dayTrevor on ShareBlue Astroturfing Sockpuppets

This is how Jimmy Dore and Ron Placone ended their video segment discussing the article:

Jimmy: Thats a fun story and good work over to that guy Trevor and uh… and who is the gentleman over at Hufffington Post who put this together. Let me give him a shout out.

Ron P: Yeah, cus this one has been spreading like wildfire. A lot of people have been sharing this article.

(spreading like maybe… bots were sharing it perhaps?)

Jimmy:  His name is uh.. Paul Blumenthal. Nice work by Paul Blumenthal.

Jimmy, Steph and Ron just promoted a limited hangout article written by one of Sidney Blumenthal’s sons. Sidney, a long-time Clinton asset and hatchet-man, still serves the Clinton dynasty, as does his sons… both of them… Paul and Max.

Sidney Blumenthal lives today in a four-bedroom house on a leafy block in the Glover Park neighborhood of Washington, D.C. His wife, Jacqueline, the former director of the White House Fellows program during the Clinton years, is a member of an advisory neighborhood commission and a direct-mail fund-raising consultant. They have two sons: Max, 38, a writer for AlterNet, a progressive online news outlet, and Paul, 34, a reporter for the Huffington Post.Vanity Fair, 2016

The 51-year-old former journalist has two sons, Max and Paul, with wife Jacqueline Beth Jordan.” New York Daily News, 2000

Paul has written several articles recently promoting the false narrative that Russia interfered with our democracy here in the states. In fact the one he wrote just before this one was titled “Russian Trolls Used This One Weird Trick To Infiltrate Our Democracy. You’ll Never Believe Where They Learned It.” .

In this latest article which Dore and company seem very eager to promote for Sidney Blumenthal’s son, Paul comes right out of the gate with this Hillary-backing propaganda (which Jimmy and Ron completely ignore):

When Russians at the Internet Research Agency interfered in U.S. politics…” Paul Blumenthal, Mar. 14 2018

You see, the sons of Sidney Blumenthal have their jobs with those two controlled opposition “alternative” publications for a reason: to promote daddy’s various propaganda agendas from within the progressive community. Apparently that’s something that Jimmy Dore and his friend Ron Placone haven’t quite figured out yet. But I did… long ago.

Killing Strangers: Benghazi and the Blumenthal Trio June 2015

Sidney Blumenthal was running around in Libya in 2012 just before and after the attack at the CIA compound that left 4 U.S. citizens dead. He was there trying to drum up business for the Clinton Foundation, getting paid something like $20,000 a month for his efforts. He was also there serving the State Department and Hillary Clinton in particular as the color revolution unfolded. He had with him a couple of Deep State assets who helped him in his efforts. One was Tyler Drumheller, a former CIA destabilization campaign expert. He died of cancer right before he was to testify before the Benghazi Commission.

In fact, Sidney leaked the fake story about the “protest turned deadly” to his son Max who immediately wrote about it and then Hillary cited that story as a source when she repeatedly lied for weeks about what really happened that day. During which time, Max Blumenthal did the network news circuit propping up the lie that emails later proved Hillary and her cronies (like Sidney) KNEW was a LIE from DAY ONE.

On Sept. 12, 2012, Max Blumenthal wrote an article in which he claimed the motive for the attack against the compound in Benghazi was Muslim outrage against a short film called “Innocence of the Muslims” crafted by a self-proclaimed Jew named Sam Bacile.

It’s interesting to note that earlier this month it was revealed that Hillary Clinton forwarded a link to this article on the afternoon of Sept. 12 to a colleague less than two hours after Max posted it. It is not known how she came to find this article or who sent to her in the first place. That part of the story has been redacted.

Max quickly went around the TV circuit doing interviews telling folks about “Sam Bacile” and the video which supposedly sparked the outrage.

Max quickly became a front-man for the narrative. A false narrativeScott Creighton, Killing Strangers

Think of Max Blumenthal and his brother Paul as Sidney’s sleeper-cells in the alternative press. When needed, he will activate them and they will promote whatever agenda or narrative daddy wants them to promote… because he’s the reason they got the cushy jobs in the first place.

Sidney Blumenthal loved the Clintons and has served them most of his life. He was the one who REALLY started the “birtherism” thing back when Hillary was running against Barack Obama for the 2008 Democratic Party nomination. Sidney also seemed to have something to do with the Christopher Steele “Golden Shower” dossier.  And what he and the Clinton machine did to Monica Lewinsky, trying to paint her as a stalker and blackmailer, should have landed him in jail.

This latest article is full of “Russians did it too” disinformation. It’s shoveled into the article like Paul Blumenthal’s yearly bonus depends on it. And yet somehow Jimmy Dore and Ron Placone still promote the article. Makes you think, doesn’t it?


Here is another article from Feb. 16, 2018 where Paul backs the bullshit “Russians interfered with our election” myth.

Paul also normalizes and justifies strategy of tension campaign run by Mic.com, targeting young people and using racism, sexism and homophobia as a means by which to stoke anger and hostility in this country:

Noble intentions often lie behind the outrage stories that media companies have found to be successful. Pointing out the racism, sexism and homophobia of powerful actors is good for readership and good for humanity, too…

Mic, in The Outline’s telling, was just such a case. Long before the site made a much-mocked “pivot to video” — more lambs sacrificed to the gods of Facebook — news writers there were often provided with topics and keywords they were ordered to use in the hopes of goosing attention on social media sites. The owners pushed the production of divisive content not because they believed in the cause, although much of the staff did, but because it helped them sell the company to investors.

Another former staffer told The Outline: “A lot of the videos that we would publish would be like, ‘Here is this racist person doing a racist thing in this nondescript southern city somewhere.’ There wouldn’t be any reporting or story around it, just, ‘Look at this person being racist, wow what a terrible racist.’” Paul Blumenthal Feb. 28th, 2018

Noble intentions were they? No. They were using this resource, much like the Bots exposed by Trevor, to DESTABILIZE THE NATION and make people angry and hostile to the point of violence. Anyone remember that young kid who was kidnapped and tortured by 4 other young people of a different race all because they WRONGLY thought the color of his skin meant he was a racist Trump supporter? That’s the real-world outcome of these “noble intentions” Paul Blumenthal was writing about.

Paul also de-legitimizes issues of REAL concern in the country by using that same ESTABLISHMENT DEMOCRAT TALKING POINT “Its not REALLY American people feeling that way… it’s the RUSSIANS”. In this case, he ended his article with this by the way, Paul is demonizing the populist movement in this country away from the open borders policy of the past and toward a more “hire citizens FIRST” idea, which, of course, the establishment Democrats hate because their BIG BUSINESS OWNERS want CHEAP LABOR. So in this case Paul does THREE THINGS: 1. props up the “Russian destabilizing our democracy” myth 2. promotes the notion that hiring Americans first is a bad thing somehow and 3. continues to ensure the unDemocratic Party JUST DOESN’T GET IT when it comes to the lessons of 2016 (and you can toss in the whole “weaponization of refugees” thing if you like).

Remember the #BoycottStarbucks hashtag? Conservatives made that go viral after the coffee company announced a plan to hire refugees in response to Trump’s Muslim ban executive order in January 2017…

Fox News included two tweets from @Pamela_Moore13 in a story about the controversy. “Hiring 10k refugees makes liberals feel warm BUT we have homeless vets that need those jobs. #BoycottStarbucks #ReasonsToProtest #MuslimBan,” @Pamela_Moore13 wrote…

Months later, we found out that @Pamela_Moore13 was a Russian troll account created by the Internet Research Agency. The ratfuckers and internet media, together at last. Content was a political dirty trick, and the dirty trick was content. I believe that’s what they call synergy.” Paul Blumenthal Feb. 28, 2018

The content was NOT a “dirty political trick” brought on by da ebil Roooskies, you establishment ratfuck hack. It was a concern, a REAL CONCERN, by real people who want FUCKING JOBS and a real future for their REAL FUCKING KIDS…

In the end of his latest video, Jimmy Dore praises Paul Blumenthal for exposing “the propaganda within the propaganda” which is almost tragic when you think about it. Because all Paul did was take a potentially damaging expose written by Trevor and co-opt it with his own little pro-establishment Dems spin. Apparently Dore and his gaggle of yes-men (women) can’t see the real propaganda hidden within Paul’s propaganda.

Not only was Paul busy propping up the Russian bullshit story in a way that will subtly stick with progressive readers there to get a glimpse of the Sally Albright story, but he is also tossing Sally under the bus trying his level best to make sure she isn’t associated with the Huffington Post’s “brand” of centrist, neoliberal “progressivism”

Dore might not have been fooled so easily had he started with checking the source. Once he figured out it was the son of Hillary’s personal hatchet-man, that might have given him a clue to look a bit deeper at the other crap he’s written for the establishment rag/fake progressive website Huffington Post.

Or maybe he could have simply read the first damn line Blumenthal wrote and taken that as a CLUE as to what the piece was really doing:

When Russians at the Internet Research Agency interfered in U.S. politics, they created false online personas and fake political groups to amplify divisive messages…”

Of course, Jimmy is still backing Sanders and getting paychecks from the Young Turks, so what do you expect.

Maybe saying Jimmy and his crew were “fooled” is being a little too generous.

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