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  1. She broke the glass ceiling, and then shoved the shards of glass under folks fingernails. Also: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hIeTimus0-s

  2. I dislike snide remarks about the glass ceiling. I decry the patriarchal and misogynistic mentality still prevalent in our culture, which refuses to recognize women’s full talents and potential. My admiration goes to the women who proved through their activities that they are fully equal to men in steely resolve, moral strength and unflinching purpose. I think of such women, to cite just a few, as:
    Golda Meir (“I hate the Palestinians for making us kill their children”); Margaret Thatcher — no nambi-pambi she when handling the political prisoners’ hunger strike or when deciding to take the war to the Malvinas (sorry, I meant the Falkland Islands);
    Madeleine Albright (“Yes, it was worth it!”);
    Hillary Clinton (“We came, we saw, he died”).
    Haspel is cut from the same cloth. We need to support her. We should also cultivate DeVos, who has potential and also the advantage of good counsel from her brother.
    If this makes me a feminist, so be it!

    • In the interest of full disclosure I wish to state that errors like writing “Malvinas” instead of “Falkland Island” are MOST LIKELY due to subliminal contamination by Argentinean irredentist propagandists because I live next door to them.

    • After reading the list of those you admire, I lost any respect I had for your work.

      Whatever that makes me in your eyes, so be it.

      • she’s being sarcastic Roy. That’s not who she admires.

        BTW, thanks for the letter. Sorry to hear about the plumbing problems. Get that taken care of. We will be alright down here.

      • What that makes you in my eyes is a sincere, straightforward guy.

        • Well, Madam, (I think I remember reading you prefer that over some others) I’ve said several times I’d better quit posting here, and stick to just reading.

          Suddenly, now is the time, for sure.

          I’m sorry I misread that comment. Also, thank you for this comment I’m replying to here.

          Keep at what you’ve been doing, please.

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