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  1. [I won’t say anything about Dore pimping Sanders]

    The Russian Defense Ministry said;“Fishwife’s rhetoric demonstrated today by the head of the British Defense Ministry Gavin Williamson, perfectly characterizes an extreme degree of his intellectual impotence.”

    Fishwife? I think it is disgusting that the Russians would use such a sexist term, rather than ‘fishperson,’ to allude to the fact that he is a homosexual. At least that’s how I interpret it and I am never wrong.
    If they stoop to that they are MOST LIKELY to be the culprits in the assassination of the Russian ex-spy, which is much bigger development than the discovery of the chemical factory in Ghouta about which some conspiracy theorists are trying to make a lot of noise:


    • that still makes me sick, his shilling for Bernie AS IF nothing has happened since the betrayal of the election… and AS IF Bernie HIMSELF wasn’t pushing this RussiaGate thing like his cabin in the woods depended on it.

    • did he really say “fishwife”? Man, that’s like 300 years old or something. And isn’t it a British saying? nice touch.

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