Wanna Hear a Lying, Smarmy Brit? UNSC urgent meeting over Salisbury attack

This guy’s cascade of bullshit, lies, propaganda, circular logic and baseless accusations will make your skin crawl. Basically his logic is “since Russia didn’t say they still had factories making this stuff, it must mean it’s theirs and they did it”. It’s similar to the “known unknowns” and the “they are north, south, east and west of Baghdad” bullshit. Of course, Trump and his new CIA/State Department head is eating it up with a fork in both hands. Absolutely sickening.

9 Responses

  1. I heard Mother Theresa Mayhem address the commons this morning. Her lying tory arse is more toxic than anything Russia’s best scientists could conjure up.

  2. Are you not on bitchute any longer? Prayers for you daily❤️

    • Hi. thank you. no, I’m still on it. I just haven’t made a video for a day or so. I made one yesterday but didn’t post it on Bitchute. I should have.

  3. I find the British boy (BB for short) very persuasive and the Russians’ insistence to see “proof” simply brazen.
    BB makes two points that are comprehensive:
    (1) The Russian government MOST LIKELY did it because they are known to use political assassinations. {I take this opportunity to encourage people to demand reopening the investigation of the assassination of JFK. I always liked the Russians for it (to use police lingo) and I wonder why it was covered up letting their tool, Oswald, take the blame alone. The target was a double (maybe triple) agent who even after all these years knew too much.
    (2) The other possibility is that Putin lost control of his assassins and they are now acting helter-skelter, which is scary. Who will be their next victim?
    I take solace in the thought that our President and most of our political leaders are not in danger because they are above suspicion of knowing too much about anything.

  4. The Russians killed JR?! Boy, I thought you were too young to remember JR.
    They MOST LIKELY killed Jesus and then blamed it on the Jews, which set a precedent: this is how anti-semitism started.

    Here’s how Stephen Lendman summarizes the case. (I read this Leftist regularly only to see what ridiculous pinko stuff he’ll write next):


  5. In he meantime back on the farm…
    Finally in a patriotic bipartisan move the Senate passed a bill that would give the banks the much needed relief to operate more freely– a bill that Trump will sign as soon as it lands on his desk because he has promised to help out the banks, burdened by the onerous Dodd-Frank rule.
    Say what you will about the two parties but when it comes to doing what’s best for the American people they reach across the aisle (to coin a phrase) and act as one. I say “people” because, as Hillary said (“Corporations are people too”), banks are people too. And I say “American” because what’s more American than freedom from government interference in business (a commie totalitarian thing).


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