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  1. If that doesn’t wake people up nothing will. I’m picking nothing will.
    If you so much as hint Trump is not the messiah the cult of Q spits their hate as readily as any half-brained Hillary loving democrat.
    The masses are putty … shaped at will by their own desperation for a champion. It’s both fascinating and demoralising at the same time.
    Edward Bernays would have loved to have seen this day. Although reaching 105 seems about the limit for the blood drinkers.

  2. Of course, the REAL reason is that Tillerson called Trump a moron a few weeks ago!

  3. Maybe Trump wants only proud people, with personal dignity in his Cabinet. I mean to say, people like him.
    He tested Tillerson repeatedly by sending Kushner (who has no official position) abroad to discuss/negotiate with foreign leaders, leaving Tillerson in the dark and humiliated internationally. Tillerson swallowed it and stayed put, instead if resigning.
    If he had resigned in protest the first time, he would have passed the test and Trump would have convinced him to stay and treated him with respect, as the real Sc of State. But then if he had had it in him to resign he wouldn’t have taken the job in the first place.
    Well, it was just a guess

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