CNN’s Oliver Darcy is Asking Me for a Statement Regarding Lawsuit

by Scott Creighton

UPDATE: In this quote from the Washington Post, Andrew Mendrala, lead attorney on this case, REMARKABLY suggests they are going after me and others because, according to him, we cause “terror” and “mass shootings”

“We’re really trying to set a new paradigm for how people like Alex Jones and Infowars operate, to inject some consequences, legal consequences into that world and hold them accountable for the terror they cause,” attorney Andrew Mendrala said in an interview. “We don’t think the First Amendment protects blatantly defamatory speech that inspires violence and hatred of victims of terrorist attacks and mass shootings.”

Remarkable. This guy actually thinks my little blog caused mass shootings and inflict terror on people? Of course he doesn’t think that. He thinks going after me will help silence “PEOPLE LIKE” me who do independent journalism. String up the little guy and maybe the big boys will crawl away in silence.

Brennan Gilmore feels much the same way:

Gilmore says he has no intention of settling; he is asking for a jury trial.

The motivation . . . is the broader implications of the new era of the saturation of these fake news outlets,” he said. “There’s no money that would be offered in a settlement that would make me drop the suit.”

They are the words of someone who feels he is on a crusade attacking what HE considers to be “conspiracy theorists” and “fake news” and he is using the power of the Federal Courts to do it.

Here’s a little reminder of what is at stake folks:

Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof; or abridging the freedom of speech, or of the press; or the right of the people peaceably to assemble, and to petition the Government for a redress of grievances.

UPDATE 2: The Reuters article is out. It’s very short. But she does include this quote from Gilmore:

If my case makes these conspiracy theorists think twice about just outright attacking someone without any type of journalistic review, then good.” Gilmore

The lawsuit is now published as a PDF

So I guess they really want to use this story as cover for the next news cycle. CNN’s Oliver Darcy just sent me an email asking for a comment about Georgetown Law’s article about the lawsuit. Turns out Georgetown Law is the one bringing the lawsuit. They have a “clinic” where they help folks wronged in such a way I guess. Here’s what they wrote about this case. You will notice at the end they actually ADMIT it’s about shutting down discourse and critical thought about various events that happen here in the U.S. and I guess in the future, overseas in places like Libya, Syria and Iraq.

“… By cloaking their smear campaigns as journalism, the defendants denigrate the First Amendment, said Andrew Mendrala, supervising attorney of Georgetown Law’s Civil Rights Clinic.

The First Amendment does not and cannot protect deliberate lies designed to incite incessant harassment and violence against private citizens,” Mendrala said. “This case is a simple defense of democracy. A well-informed public is essential to a healthy democracy. But a deliberately misinformed public is fatal to it.”

Defendants in the case include: Alex Jones; Infowars; Infowars’s operating company Free Speech Systems; Infowars “reporters” Lee Stranahan and Lee Ann McAdoo; Jim Hoft, author of the alt-right blog Gateway Pundit; former U.S. Congressman Allen B. West, who operates the alt-right website; Derrick Wilburn, author of a defamatory article about Gilmore on; and Scott Creighton, operator of the blog American Everyman.

The suit filed today by Georgetown Law’s Civil Rights Clinic seeks damages to compensate Mr. Gilmore for his reputational injuries and emotional distress, as well as punitive damages to deter the defendants, and others like them, from visiting such harm on other private citizens in the future.”

Talk about cloaking a smear campaign as journalism.

There is not a single thing in my article that is a lie. Not one single thing. It is research and my conclusion based on that research, was stated clearly as my OPINION.

And it is a LIE and SLANDER that this lawyer commits when she claims my purpose was “designed to incite incessant harassment and violence against private citizens” That is a direct LIE by her about me.

As you can see from her conclusion, she is USING THIS ATTACK on me and others in an attempt to SHUT DOWN FREE SPEECH and the FREEDOM OF THE PRESS. She CLEARLY STATES IT in the article.

I have never contacted this man (and by the way, he never contacted me asking to change or remove the article) and NEVER ADVOCATED ANYONE DOING SO UNDER ANY CONDITIONS. I am appalled that some have gone so far as to do that but it CERTAINLY was not my “design” that they would.

By this person’s logic, O.J. Simpson, now found INNOCENT by a jury of his peers, could sue EVERY SINGLE PUBLICATION that investigated his case and posted their OPINION that he was guilty. It is a dangerous precedent to set and CLEARLY DESIGNED to silence independent media outlets like mine.

In my article my sources in included:

This is how I concluded that ONE ARTICLE I wrote about this man who made himself into a public figure when the made this video public for his own purposes rather than handing it over to authorities like he should have (it’s direct evidence of a criminal act. Why would he be given a pass for going public with it which could have rendered it useless in a prosecution?)

“… All this being said, is it possible this man with links to Special Ops and CIA and various other black ops kinds of actors just HAPPENED to be there at that particular moment in history?

Yeah, I guess that’s possible, if you’re into coincidence theories I suppose.

But I’m not into such things.

Clearly the State Department has a lot of disgruntled former employees who would delight in destabilizing Trump’s tenure even more than they already have. And Gilmore, like Tom, seem particularly invested in undermining the “alt-right” in the lead-up to the next round of elections.” my article

That was my conclusion based on my observation of what happened at the event and the research I did. That’s called JOURNALISM. And I know a certain segment of society would LOVE to shut down independent journalism right now, CNN is certainly part of that push.

CNN is poised and ready to launch this attack on Free Speech and independent journalism. Reuters is clearly doing the same. And…

  • Hillary Clinton – Former Sec. of State (State Department) defeated by Trump and many blame “conspiracy theory” or “fake news” websites for promoting news about her that dissuaded left-leaning voters from supporting her
  • Trump’s war on the State Department – The Hill – July 2017 – “The administration’s efforts, which include a proposed budget cut of nearly 30 percent, a hiring freeze and a potential reshuffling of offices within the State Department, have left scores of positions unfilled, demoralizing the staff that remain.”
  • Brennan Gilmore – CURRENT State Department employee (on unpaid leave) and staunch supporter of DNC candidates and Obama administration
  • Georgetown University Named as State Department Research Partner on Diplomacy and Development: Real Issues, Real Research, Real Impact
  • Andrew Mendrala – spouse is former State Department employee and served as Obama administration Director in the Legislative Affairs Directorate at the National Security Council where she advised the National Security Advisor

Trump’s war on the State Department – The Hill – July 2017 – “The administration’s efforts, which include a proposed budget cut of nearly 30 percent, a hiring freeze and a potential reshuffling of offices within the State Department, have left scores of positions unfilled, demoralizing the staff that remain.”

But of course, these are all just more coincidences I suppose.

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  1. Countersue….

    (Drops mic)

  2. Haven’t read all your links, but Andrew Mendala (does not that name have the same root as “mendacious”?) needs a little refresher on defamation law, not to mention First Amendment law.

    Georgetown is a Jesuit university. I think that is no coincidence.

    First thing I’d do is check what authority the law students in this “clinic” have to represent anyone in court. They are not licensed attorneys. And while some law schools’ students are able to represent poor people who are defendants in criminal cases, I have never heard of one representing a plaintiff in a civil suit.

  3. Interesting that in the article they identify two of the other defendants as “alt-right” but no mention of you being a leftist. Talk about guilt by association. I suspect they also don’t want the leftists to jump to your defense. Speaking of which, have you contacted the ACLU to help out? Also, if you get a lawyer, can you try to get your case severed from the others? Not that I am a lawyer, or qualified to give legal advice.

  4. Also, reading the Georgetown article, it mentions that he was “on leave” from his civil service job. So, still an employee of the government?

  5. I am not an attorney but my horse sense tells me that you should REFUSE to comment on what is a “description of a suit,” because anything you might say at this point can and will be used against you in truncated/misquoted/transmogrified form.

    It is a slur on your reputation for integrity and true, ethical journalism that you should be thrown in the same pot with Alex Jones and maybe some of the others with whom I am not familiar.

    What Mendala says VERY aptly:
    ““… By cloaking their smear campaigns as journalism, [they] denigrate the First Amendment.
    The First Amendment does not and cannot protect deliberate lies designed to incite incessant harassment and violence against private citizens,”

    applies perfectly to her and her ilk

  6. Maybe you could ask the DNC fraud lawsuit lawyers for help/consultation about this (forgot their names, but they live in FLA). If they knew your case was getting publicity, maybe they’d help pro bono?

  7. Ignore these creeps from MSM. What possible benefit could come to you from being interviewed by them? ZERO

  8. I am having trouble stopping laughing to see you grouped with a bunch of right wingers. Sorry.

    Am also reminded of CNN doxxing 2 private citizens & nothing coming of it. The kid that did that Trump wrestling thing against the CNN logo as well as the elderly lady they ambushed on camera in Texas(?) because she had a facebook group supporting Trump that had (unbeknownst to her) interacted with the evil Russian trolls.

    There must be hundreds, if not thousands of private citizens that have become targets of harassment after gaining the attention of social media armies from the left & increasingly from the right. This lawsuit is frightening on many levels. I suppose there is a chance that the judge will toss this can of worms but somehow I doubt it given the all out effort to silence dissent.

    I am biting my tongue, but what the hell. As a conservative leaning person I can’t stop myself from observing that this is what the leftwing of America has come to. Must be extremely disconcerting for a person of your political beliefs. You and those like you no longer have a political party to believe in. Course, many of us on the right are almost in the same boat.

    Will be following this closely because I find it a much bigger threat to “our democracy” than the Russian nonsense. I cannot believe what is happening in this country.

  9. SonofNewo, William Evans is named 14 times in the suit and yet he is not a defendant. Why do you supposed that is?? Evans has been trying to get Brennan Gilmore to answer his questions about what Gilmore saw at the Charlottesville incident and has made many videos questioning the truthfulness of Brennan Gilmore’s account of the events and his recollection of of the Charlottesville incident. Evans is an attorney. and Scott I do believe he would love the chance to question and depose Brennan Gilmore.

    • I have tried to contact only one attorney thus far. I would speak with Evans. I saw one of his videos yesterday when trying to see if someone had copied my video on Youtube without my permission. yes, I would like to speak with him. But I am also contacting the ACLU.

    • I have been watching a few of his videos since your comment and he’s pretty good. seems like a lawyer. hits his points and repeats them. he also seems to have come to a similar conclusion that I did. I just left him a direct Tweet but have not heard back from him. How do you know he is an attorney? Have yet to hear back from Jared Beck.

      • “They” did not sue William Evans because he is apparently a good attorney (with pending Freedom of Information lawsuits pending) and he has some really good evidence that contradicts the official narrative.

        • Yeah, he does have some interesting points but in the end his focus is on Brennan’s former life and how his story doesn’t fit with the evidence at hand. Which is the same thing I said 24 hours after the event. He wants the videos from the court proceeding and is trying to get them through the courts but they will never let him have them. I tried to contact him again via Twitter and he wont reply to my Tweet and instead left a rather snide comment by itself suggesting Gilmore mentioned him in the lawsuit to “defame” him by association… with the likes of me. So apparently he’s an arrogant twat.. go figure. Charlottesville is FULL of em. His main evidence aside from him walking down fourth street and timing it, is the police saying the minivan arrived right before the event and was stuck in the crowd, which is wrong, but that’s hardly ground breaking.

          Has he not considered the fact that she could easily say she was WAITING FOR THE CROWD OF PROTESTERS to come walking by so she could record them on the phone she was holding up recording stuff from inside her car? Yeah, she sat there 5 minutes talking to someone and waiting. Talking maybe to a friend in the crowd? Waiting to give someone a lift home?

          And that’s his big “proof” the cops are lying?

          I didn’t know the video from the chopper was seen in court until recently and the whole backing up and then going back into the crowd thing was news to me. Of course, Evans wont voice an opinion as to why that was done. I guess that’s the difference between him and myself. I said what I meant or what I thought. Don’t know what to think of him yet. Now he’s saying this is an attempt to do an end around the 1st amendment, get people too scared to say what they think. Kinda like he’s doing huh? Gee, I wonder where I have heard that assessment of the situation. Oh yeah, I wrote it. Tell ya the truth I don’t think ANY of the “stand up guys” like Beck (who never replied to my request on his website) or this guy will get within a hundred feet of anyone named in that suit because as ridiculous and offensive as it is… I think they’re scared to touch it because they know how important this shit is at this particular time. If they can get a kangaroo court going, which I am sure they are counting on, an maybe show some videos of mass shootings and blame “conspiracy theorists” for them, then maybe they can get a convictions. Do you remember what they did back in the day to lawyers who actually tried to defend Gitmo prisoners? They destroyed them. This insane crap is even more important to them right now than that was then. Anyway, I’m a little disheartened by all the support I’m seeing. Everyone knows it’s bullshit everyone knows what it’s really about… no one wants to even be associated with me right now. Scarlet letter and all that.

          First they came for the socialists…

          I need a nap.

    • Although Evans isn’t named as a defendant along with Scott in the Gilmore lawsuit, on Twitter he suggests filing a defamation lawsuit against Gilmore based on Gilmore’s description of him in the complaint (@SonofNewo – 13 March – “Will Brennan Gilmore get the defamation lawsuit he deserves too?”)

      Evans apparently considers the Gilmore lawsuit frivolous, which is good to hear. He thinks it is just more theater. (@SonofNewo – 13 March – “This is how the 1st Amend. will be undermined. Not from overt censorship, but through frivolous lawsuits and false accusations from people who believe they have the moral authority to tell others to shut up.”

      Evans seems very smart and has much confidence. His video about Gilmore and subsequently, the controlled opposition, are very good. The Feds (Gilmore et al.) have made mistakes, are being called out on them, and are now being very careful. Evans is clearly in their crosshairs (mentioned throughout the complaint, but not named as a defendant). The Gilmore lawsuit seems to be a way to distract attention from Evans’ research on Charlottesville and to prevent it from somehow being brought wider attention (court?). Of course the complicit MSM (NBC, CNN, Reuters, etc.) are being employed to get out the Feds’ counter-message/distraction.

      It is clear that Evans and Scott’s research have brought them to similar conclusions about US events like Charlottesville. And like Scott, Evans’ research also attracts similar people online — even the undesired ones. Evans also reports having to curate the commentary on his stories — cleaning up abusive “alt-right” comments. So outside of the context of the current situation, Evans and Scott would have much to share with each other.

      But in this current situation, I think that Evans feels like he has the Feds right where he wants them. And that collaborating right now with Scott, or anyone, would introduce variables that he cannot control. He sees that as too risky. As a lawyer or lawyer-personality, he wants full autonomy and control over his situation, especially if the Feds are going to start using the press and the court system. For example, he doesn’t want to be held responsible for someone else’s words or actions, present or past, that lawyers or the press could discover, that would prevent him from succeeding in court. So I don’t think it is a personal thing with Scott, but rather a strategic thing.

  10. Isn’t it curious that Gilmore went to the event to see the protest about removing the Confederate statue, but he only seemed interested in taking a video of a car that was moving down the street…… he also seemed careful to not get the driver in the video….. why wasn’t his video aimed at the protest crowd? and why didn’t he give his video to the police …. instead he went very public….

    • State Department employees are not to be trusted. They lie all the time. One watch of a State Department briefing proves that clearly. The Iraq War and their lies about WMD comes to mind. Half a million people killed based upon lies. They are lying about Syria now also. Case in point. The White Helmets who are terrorists that the State Department has been promoting and meeting with. Plenty of evidence of such here that the MSM intentionally ignores, not surprising as the MSM also promotes these same terrorists and tells the public they are rescuers: Massive White Helmets Photo Cache Proves Hollywood Gave Oscar to Terrorist Group

  11. Wow: I put the case number which appears on the complaint into PACER–and nothing came up. That means this is not a real case and the case number is bogus.

    After I checked that I came back to your site, because I wanted to review the pdf again, and the link to it now comes up as a WordPress error!

    They are messing with you, Scott.

  12. Tine for a Go Fund Me Scott. Your chosen moniker is fitting because you truly do represent Every American. Free Speech in Jeopardy: SLAPP- “Strategic Lawsuits Against Public Participation” now being used in the US to crush those who speak out on State Department operatives being directly involved with nefarious political events.

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